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Zync Credit Card From American Express

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American Express credit cards are without doubt in a league of their own. Established in 1850, this diversified financial services company provides global products and services for millions of people. Today, American Express is worth $15 billion, making it one of the most successful and respected companies in existence. Additionally, while the company provides a variety of financial products and services to include charge cards and traveler’s checks, the credit card division accounts for 24% of the dollar volume of transactions in the United States.

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Interestingly, discussions about offering the public some type of credit card began in 1946 but it was only after a card was launched by the company’s rival, Diners Club, that in 1957, the first American Express credit card was introduced. However, this card was by invitation only and designed for people with outstanding credit. Additionally, any balance on the card had to be paid off in full within 30 days. However, in 1994, American Express introduced the Optima Tree Grace credit card, the first that provided a grace period regardless if the card carried a balance or not.

Today, a variety of credit cards are offered by American Express and while excellent credit is still a criteria for approval, many of the terms are more flexible. For instance, the Zync credit card by American Express is one of the newer offerings, which has an exceptional rewards program. For instance, after making the first purchase using the card, you would earn 10,000 Membership Rewards points.

What makes the Zync credit card by American Express so unique is that you would have the opportunity to choose what are called “Lifestyle Packs.” With this, you have a unique privilege of customizing the credit card to feature benefits that would work for your needs best. Then for the earned points from eligible purchases, these could be redeemed for a number of things such as airline travel, entertainment, shipping, and more. The Zync credit card by American Express is also designed with no interest simply because for this card, the full balance is required to be paid in full within each billing cycle.

Most credit cards of this caliber charge extremely high annual fees but for the Zync credit card by American Express, the fee is just $23. Keep in mind that if you prefer a credit card from American Express that offers payment options, you have some incredible options. However, if you prefer paying the full balance but want the rewards as well, then this credit card would make an ideal choice.

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