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Your Guide To Purchasing Face Masks

Written by Robert

Today, keeping ourselves healthy and protected from any diseases should be our number one priority. One of the best ways to do this is to wear face mask. However, wearing facemasks should not be taken lightly. It is not advisable to buy masks from illegal sellers or manufacturers as it may impose risk for your health. Hence, to help you out, this article will provide you some tips and guidelines on how to purchase KN95 and NIOSH-approved N95 masks.

One of the things that you need to know first before buying high-quality N95 face masks is the different types of this safety equipment. There are different types of masks available in the marketplace. One of the misconceptions about face masks is that they prevent you from contracting the virus, But the truth is, the main function of face coverings is to keep you from spreading it. But N95 mask is different from other face coverings. The main function of this kind of mask is to filter all the air that are coming in to you. This means that by wearing N95 masks, it minimizes the risk of you contracting the virus. In addition, N95 masks are tested and proven to be effective in preventing at least 95% of particles. But the precaution is that, N95 masks should be carefully fit and it has limited number of uses only. Just like N95 masks, KN95 masks are also under regulations. Thus, before they become available in the market, they should be proven and tested first that they really prevent 95 percent of microns that can pass through the wearer. 

As stated earlier, it is not advisable to buy face masks from an unauthorized manufacturer or reseller. The quality of the mask should always be considered and to ensure this, make sure to buy from authorized distribution channels only. There have been reported cases wherein the production of unauthorized face masks proliferated the market. There are even issues where used face masks are being recycled which is not advisable by health organizations. That said, you have to be very careful when buying face masks. Always check for authenticity, authorization and safety. You can also check some reviews online to check what brand or store you can get reliable and tested face masks. Most importantly, you should conduct your own research. You should not be scared or hesitant to ask the company that you are buying from,

Last but not the least, you should know how to use face mask properly. It will be senseless if you have a tested face mask if you don’t know how to use it properly. The virus can still find its way to get through you. This again will be known by reading some reviews online. Always ask advice and suggestion from medical professionals so that you will be guided properly. Always keep in mind that your high-quality N95 face mask is just an equipment to protect you and the people around you. How you use it still matters the most.

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