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Xport Fitness Center

Written by Robert

Xport Fitness is a 24-hour fitness center. There are locations in several states across the United States. Xport is becoming one of the leading fitness centers due to its great services. Not all locations provide the same services. The Niles, IL location provides tanning services and daycare and is complete with a basketball court, weight training area, classes, swimming pool, hot tub, suana, steam room and showers.


  • The gym is kept clean nearly at all times, with its many employees.
  • Great amount of space to workout. There is a training area and an aerobics room designed for this purpose.
  • The staff is very kind and will attend to all your questions.
  • The gym has recently started providing towels to members.
  • The gym hosts Member Appreciation Days, in which there are raffles and food provided.
  • There are many classes available: cycling, kickboxing, yoga, power hour, etc.

Location: near a few neighboring cities.

Members receive benefits from referring friends to the gym. If a friend signs up, the member receives 1-3 months free of charge at the gym.


The gym is sometimes lacking paper towels and sanitizing lotion, especially in the late afternoon through the night time.

The gym has times where many machines and areas are very busy and you must change your exercise plan for the day. Busiest times: 4-10pm , Best times to come: Early morning-2pm.

Members have reported that the tanning beds are not sanitized many times.

The training supply room in the aerobics studio is kept locked when classes are not in session. Many members do not appreciate this. There are only a certain about of weights in the training area and desired weights are occasionally taken.

Expensive. Prices are increasing each year.

Stealing occurs. Make sure you are equipped with a lock each time you come. Always watch your belongings. There are locker rooms for males and females seperately.

About Personal Training

When you are signed up, the staff member will most likely suggest personal training. Simply put, if you do not need motivation and have some idea of what you will do when working out, then save your money. The price for each session is about $55 and must be bought in packages(20,30,50…). As in many places, some trainers are very beneficial and some not so much. You must specify your needs and what you would like the trainer to help you with. *Note: You must do 75% of the work: Eat right and workout on your days off. Becoming more fit is a great commitment.

Xport Fitness is a great tool to get fit. Buying a membership will be worth it if you take advantage of its services.

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