Where’s my Super Suit? Project Superhuman Minecraft Mod

Written by Robert

Leave your workbenches behind – there’s butts to kick! If you like comic books, collectible card games, or just superheroes in general, then you need to check out this Minecraft mod. Currently under development by DarKnighT_0_9, this mod adds an ever-growing selection of armor from DC and Marvel characters. Wearing a complete set from a hero will grant you their awesome powers.

Becoming a blocky superhero is even more fun than it sounds. Not only is it fun to become a superhero, but this mod actually makes it fun to try and collect all the different suits. You cannot craft any of these armor sets, in the conventional sense. Like I said earlier, your workbenches are worthless here – you collect these supersuits by beating up baddies. The minecraft free projects are adventurous for the people. The results will suit the requirements of the individuals. The selection of the right Minecraft mod will deliver the best results. The collection of the best suits is possible with the intelligence.

There’s two ways to get your hands on these awesome items. The first is by buying them. Once you download this mod, mobs will start to drop points that you can collect. Once you craft or find a HeroSuits Catalog, you can spend the points you’ve collected to buy whichever armor you desire. This is the most consistent way to get suits, especially if there’s a certain superhero whose powers you’re really after.

However, the second method is a little more fun, at least in my opinion. Mobs also have the chance to drop ‘Blind Bags.’ These are basically like booster packs from collectible card games (hereafter CCGs). For those unfamiliar with CCGs, opening a Blind Bag will grant you one random piece of armor. It could be Spiderman’s mask or Storm’s boots – everything has an equal chance to drop.

In the beginning, each Blind Bag will probably give you a unique item. As you progress, however, duplicates will become increasingly common, and finishing a set through Blind Bags alone will become increasingly difficult. That’s where the trading comes into play – this mod encourages you to trade your duplicates with your friends to complete sets more efficiently. Barring that, there is a Point Converter that will allow you to dismantle any HeroSuit piece for a small sum of points. You can use these points to buy armor pieces that you don’t already own from the catalog.

Alrighty, now that I’ve explained the basics of it, I’ll skip to the good stuff: the currently available heroes. If you don’t see your favorite yet, don’t despair! This is a recently released mod, and the developer is still making new suits all the time. So far, the roster includes heroes (and villains!) like:

• Spiderman (there’s a ton of different versions, from Classic to Iron to Future)

So maybe you don’t know every hero and villain in the world – I know I don’t. It’s not a problem, however, because the HeroSuit catalog also includes a description of each armor set’s abilities. You don’t have to be a comic nut to enjoy this mod – super powers are fun whether you know the stories behind them or not. Definitely check this mod out. It’s already awesome, and is only going to get better with time.

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