What Makes Rise of Kingdoms So Addicting?

Written by Robert

Rise of Kingdoms is an interesting game. The game is seeing a growing rise of popularity across different age groups. It makes the players love the game a lot. It is one of the best games in the market at present. With a lot of people playing it, one question remains. Why is this game so addicting?

There are several different ways to answer that question. As mentioned by some players, it can be the talent tree for commanders that make the game as interesting as it is. For others, it can be several other factors. Let’s look closely as to the reasons why this game is as addicting as it is.

  • Graphics

One of the main reasons as to why people find this game addicting is due to the amazing graphics that the game has. The game has some of the bestdesigned characters and intense graphics. The talent tree for commanders makes the graphics even better.

These graphics help keep the players hooked onto the game. These graphics also help ensure that the player finds the game visually appealing. The visual element adds onto the value and the interest level of the players. This makes the game a rather enjoyable one.

  • Game Design

The way the game has been designed helps keep the players interests. The different commanders, battles, and troops training helps make the players concentrate. The challenges presented to the players keep the players’ determination intact.

They also help ensure that the player plays the game with full interest. This also makes the game very addicting. The player finds themselves striving to do the best and excelling quickly through the game’s different levels.

  • Concepts

There are several different concepts that the game has, which makes it interesting. Concepts like battles amongst players etc. help keep people’s interest. This is because players get their friends to compete against each other. This makes their interaction better. This also makes the entire gaming experience better.

There are several different concepts in the game similar to these, which helps ensure that the players interest is maintained all throughout the game. These concepts also help make the game addicting.

  • Levels

The idea of levels also contributes to making the game addicting. There are several different levels that the players can go to. Each level unlocks something better. This makes the players want to do better. This makes the game even more interesting. The players try their best to keep advancing in their levels.

This also makes the entire game very interesting and addictive. These levels keep the players hooked, and they feel the need to perform even better than before. They help ensure that the game keeps the players hooked into it.


These are some of the factors that contribute in making Rise of Kingdoms addictive. These factors contribute in making the game interesting. They also contribute in keeping the players hooked onto the game. These factors then come together to make the game addicting and interesting.

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