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What Is The Testosterone Booster? What Are The Various Options Available?

Written by Robert

If you have been reading this site for a while, or are just starting to get into the world of natural testosterone boosters, you will probably be familiar with the term “T-boosters”. These supplements are designed to increase your levels of free testosterone, and as a result improve your quality of life. 

The best T-booster supplements available today are all based on the same principle, but they each use different methods to achieve their effect. I am going to talk about the best T-booster supplements available in detail below, so you can see exactly what these products are capable of achieving, and how they work. 

Testosterone is the most crucial hormone in the body of the human being. The try of the person is to maintain the level of the hormone in the human body. There various normal activities through which a person can face with a good amount of the testosterone hormone. In case if still the person faces with the high or the lack of the hormone then he can make sue of the best testosterone booster.

What Is The Best Testosterone Booster? 

There is no one single answer to that question, because there are many reasons why someone might want to increase their level of free testosterone. Some people do it purely for cosmetic purposes, and others do it to gain an edge in sports. However, whatever your reason for wanting to increase your levels of free testosterone, you need to find a product that works. 

So what’s the difference between the various T-booster supplements available? 

Well, if you look at them from an endocrinological perspective, then the differences become clear – some of them produce more testosterone than others. But if you think about it from a physiological point of view, then things aren’t quite so simple. For example, a number of factors affect the amount of testosterone produced by any given person, including age, diet, lifestyle, stress levels etc. 

It can also depend on your genetics; even identical twins often have different levels of total testosterone, depending on which twin you are. 

But regardless of all of those factors, you still have to find a supplement that works for you. This means finding a product that has been shown to actually increase your level of free testosterone – not just a product that claims to do so. 

Which Are The Most Effective Testosterone Boosters? 

As I mentioned earlier, there are several ways that a man can increase his level of free testosterone. Here I’m going to go through the three main ones, and then explain how each one works. 

  1. AndroGel

AndroGel was originally developed as a topical treatment for men suffering from low testosterone levels. It has been shown to increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood stream when applied topically, and it is currently used to treat a variety of conditions associated with low testosterone levels. 

However, it isn’t always easy to apply the product directly to your skin, so AndroGel is now available in tablet form too. In fact, one study found that it increased total testosterone levels by up to 50% after 12 weeks of regular use. 

  1. Testim

Testim is another popular product that has been around for a long time. Originally intended as a dietary supplement, it was later reformulated as a topical gel. 

The idea behind Testim is that it increases the production of testosterone within the body, by increasing the amount of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) being released. When LH is released, it triggers the release of other hormones called Steroidogenic Acids (Steroids), which stimulate the conversion of cholesterol into pregnenolone. 

Pregnenolone is then converted into DHEA, which eventually leads to the generation of testosterone. When you start using Testim, you should experience an increase in your level of free testosterone, which will give you improved muscle mass and strength. 

  1. KTG 

KTG is another topical product that has been around for a few years, and has recently started receiving attention from the mainstream media. Developed by Dr. Robert Cadell, the product is known to boost testosterone levels by up to 200%, and it doesn’t require any dietary restrictions whatsoever. 

In fact, KTG is made specifically for men who are trying to build muscle mass, and it provides an effective way to help them reach their goals. 

How Does A Testosterone Booster Work? 

Now we’ve looked at the benefits of using a testosterone booster to boost our level of free testosterone, let’s take a closer look at how they work. 

All testosterone boosters contain ingredients that are designed to increase our levels of free testosterone, but only a small percentage actually work. 

Most of the ingredients contained within a testosterone booster are designed to increase the amount of testosterone being released by the body, which in turn stimulates the release of other important hormones such as growth hormone, insulin and Cortisol. 

These hormones are responsible for regulating the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates respectively, so by stimulating them, you’ll find that you’re able to burn more calories and maintain your weight loss efforts better. 

Another bonus of using a testosterone booster is that it will make your muscles grow larger and stronger. The reason for this is that testosterone helps promote the synthesis of proteins, and therefore builds lean muscle tissue faster. 

How Often Should You Use A Testosterone Booster? 

You should be aware that there are two types of testosterone booster available on the market – topical testosterone boosters and oral testosterone boosters. Topical testosterone boosters are typically recommended for daily use, whereas oral testosterone boosters are generally taken once a day, every day, although some people report that they feel much better taking 2 tablets per day. 

I don’t recommend sticking to either of these dosing regimens though. The best approach would be to split your dose evenly throughout the week, and then take the remaining dosage during weekends and holidays. 

This type of schedule is known as a ‘biweekly’ cycle, and it allows your body to adapt to the change in routine, which makes it easier for your body to process the testosterone booster. 

Why Should You Take A Testosterone Booster? 

It’s easy to forget that most men suffer from low testosterone levels, especially when compared to women. But as you’ll discover, a healthy level of testosterone is vital to your health and well-being, both physically and psychologically. 

For starters, having higher levels of testosterone can significantly reduce your risk of developing a number of serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, prostate cancer and osteoporosis. 

Furthermore, your ability to recover from injuries and exercise is affected by your level of free testosterone. If you have too little testosterone, you may find it difficult to recover quickly from strenuous workouts, and you won’t be able to build as much muscle as you could otherwise. 

Testosterone Boosters Can Help With Weight Loss 

Weight loss is something that nearly everyone wants to achieve, but many struggle with getting rid of unwanted pounds. One of the key things that contribute to weight loss is a decrease in your appetite. 

When you have lower levels of testosterone, your body becomes less sensitive to hunger signals, meaning that you tend to eat more food than you would normally. Furthermore, since your body produces less testosterone, it also produces less cortisol, which plays an integral role in suppressing cravings. 

By boosting your testosterone levels, you’ll find that you lose weight much quicker, while maintaining your current level of energy and motivation. 

How Do You Know Which Testosterone Booster Works Best For You? 

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way of knowing whether a particular testosterone booster will work for you, just like there is no foolproof way of knowing whether a certain supplement will cure your headache. 

To determine which type of testosterone booster is right for you, you should consult your doctor first. He/she will be able to assess your medical history, and he/she will be able to tell you whether or not you need a testosterone booster. 

If you decide to continue, you should definitely stick to a specific protocol. By following a specific routine you’ll ensure that your body will gradually begin adapting to the change in routine.

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