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Ways To Cure A Severe Burning Pain In An Upper Back Muscle 31

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A burning pain in an upper back muscle is thankfully not something that every adult will experience. However, most will develop some kind of pain at one stage or another. Many will attribute their back pain to some kind of sports injury while other will cause the injury by doing everyday chores like overdoing it in the garden on the first warm day of spring. Some people tend to also get back pain as a result of poor habits. If you have a burning pain in your upper back muscle, there are ways to alleviate your pain.

To Do Or Not To Do

First of all, though your back hurts this isn’t the time to just lay stiffly in bed, waiting for the pain to pass. For the first day, that’s all right, maybe even two days, but anything beyond that will just slow your recovery. The muscles need to be working and stretching in order to heal. So, within a couple of days, get up off the bed and back to a more active lifestyle. You may still have a burning pain in an upper back muscle, but it is time to get moving.

Many people find relief (whether they are in bed or moving and working) by using heat (try a plug-in heating pad, a heat pack that can be warmed repeatedly in the microwave, therapeutic pad that can be stuck to the skin and stays warm for 4-6 hours, or a hot bath or spa) or cold (ice or a cold pack that is chilled in the freezer – maybe have two to exchange them so that one can be chilling while the other is in use). If the heat or cold helps, it is a good way to relieve the pain.

If the burning pain in an upper back muscle persists, consider medication. Acetaminophen, NSAIDS, anti-inflammatories, and some herbal analgesics can be useful, so try one or the other of them. If the pain doesn’t decrease with the use of those, see your physician. He may prescribe narcotics or steroid injections.

Another way to help with the pain now (and help you never have the pain again) is to gently stretch and strengthen the muscles of your back, legs, and stomach. Though you may still have a burning pain in an upper back muscle, the gentle stretching and strengthening exercises will help your back, and probably even feel good.

You might also want to consider visiting your chiropractor, acupuncturist, masseuse or best spine surgeons near me, as these therapies have also been found helpful, to varying degrees.

If the burning pain in an upper back muscle does not settle and fade away within a few weeks, you should pay a visit to your family or local doctor. A medical condition of some sort could be the cause of the back pain and your doctor should be able to rule what is not the cause. Please also remember that the spine and everything that is attached to it is very complex and sometimes the source this burning pain in an upper back muscle will remain a mystery.

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