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The Revolution In Grooming Industry: Electric Shavers

Written by Robert

As it is said first impression is the last impression and in this the personality of individual matters. The way individual presents themselves shows their personality. And to maintain this personality grooming becomes important.

A well-groomed individual is always welcomed by society, and the product that brought a storm in the grooming industry with its arrival is the electric shaves. These shavers are lightweight, compact, water and shook proof which makes them the first choice product for individuals to trim their beard, adjust their beard neckline and even shave their back.

 The Difference Between An Electric Shaver And A Regular Razor

The purpose of both a razor and electric shaver is the same i.e. act as a tool for grooming, but the working principle and functionality of both the products are completely different. Razor mainly constitutes a handgrip and a blade and is used for executing a clean shave. A razor requires additional accessories like shaving creams and gels to execute a clean shave.

Whereas an electric shaver is one complete product that does not need any additional accessories. They are mainly used for trimming and to maintain a particular length of the hair or beard of an individual. A trimmer has less chance of cuts, irritations and unlike a razor, it does not give a razor burn to the user.

A Multi-Utility Tool

The quality that gives the electric shavers an edge over the shavers is the fact that it’s a multi-utility tool which has been possible due to the innovations in the shavers over the years. Earlier a set of shaver head clips that were of different sizes were provided with the razor to adjust the trimming size, but nowadays the electric shavers come with an adjustable trimming head that can adjust to different trimming sizes thus reducing the baggage of carrying the trimmer clips everywhere.

Another innovative feature is the flexible electric shaver heads, this allows the shaver to glide comfortably around an individual’s curves without any fear of cuts and scrapes. Due to these flexible electric shavers, they can easily be used to shave back hair, beard at the jawline this is something that a razor cannot do as effectively and safely as an electric shaver.

 A Perfect Travel Companion

In the present days, we are always in a hurry and getting late. And the lack of time increases even more during travelling in these situations you neither want to be late nor want to look unpresentable. Here an electric shaver that is wireless and compact comes into play that will save your time and will groom you to perfection. 

It’s the rule of life that one has to change and adapt to newer things in life. The same applies to electric shavers, it’s the need of the hour to change your razors with electric shavers. These are safer, efficient and quicker tools than razors for grooming. The innovative features and accessories that come along then make it a special product.

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