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Taking up the best treatment for knee injuries

Written by Robert

The common ailment

Out of the multiple injuries happening on the body, the ones coming on the knee form the major bulk. It is because the only region that is affected is not the knee, but the associated joints, tendons, and muscles with it. Therefore, if not treated at the right time, then complications may arise. The severity of the injury also depends on the type of accident- caused during sports, falls, trips, or minor accidents. Irrespective of these, there are experts like Amr Hosny who are working tirelessly for getting the best treatment. Read on to find more about them. 

Common types of injuries

The following list showcases the types of injuries happening on the knee region:

  • Meniscus tear, which happens majorly in the athletes due to forceful twisting or some burst in the knee muscle. It is also called a torn knee cartridge due to the tear-like appearance after conducting the scan. If not looked upon at the right time, then the consequences may get severe.
  • Knee ligament injuries, which are caused due to damage in either of the 4 primary ligaments surrounding the knee (ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL). Aiding in the stability and free movement of the knee, the tears in ACL and MCL cause sprains and can be looked upon efficiently without any surgery.
  • Patellar Tendonitis, where the Jumper’s knee suffers inflammation, injury, stress, tears in the patellar tendon, and many more. It can be caused due to repetitive wear and tear in that particular portion and may lead to knee stiffness at a later point.
  • Runner’s knee, which happens to majorly the runners and athletes and affects the knee cap. It can be experienced even without bending the knee.
  • Arthritis, which is marked by the loss of knee fluids and hence repetitive wear and tear of the exposed surface. Though there is no fixed cure to it, non-surgical corrections can help out in getting the remedies easily. 

All in one, the treatments to all of these are covered by experts like Amr Hosny.

The major varieties of treatment

The following list includes the major types of treatment done for either of the categories of knee injuries:

  • Physical therapy, where the region surrounding the knee joint is given ample comfort for strengthening the muscles and improving the range of motion. It comes as a cost-effective and quickest mode of treatment to complex issues.
  • Medication to anti-inflammation, which needs to be taken only under the expertise of a doctor. There can be side effects and thus the cases need to be studied properly. 
  • Pain management therapies, which are specific to the experts and help out in effective management of the symptoms. Though the concept is new, it is worth giving a shot at.
  • Alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage, muscle stimulation, and much more help out in quick resolution from the pain.

All in one, the type of treatment is highly dependent on the degree of damage in the knee joint and how well can you handle the pain. Thus, look out for the experts and get the cure instantaneously. 

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