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Sharpen the Intelligence Through Quiz Games

Written by Robert


One of the most common and most popular intelligence games that you can play online is sudoku. It is a number placement game that depends on the player’s short-term memory. While this game may look very complicated, it is actually very simple. You just have to complete the puzzle and for you to do so, you need to look ahead and follow trails of consequences. For example, if you put number 6 in the box, that one should be an 8 and the other one should be 4 and so on and so forth. Sudoku is considered as a great game that enhances the short term memory and concentration of the player. The good things is that you can play this game in wide variety of online gaming sites.


If you are looking for a game that is designed to train your mental training and fitness programs, Lumosity is the right option for you. This game can be played for free for 3 games everyday. But if you want to have limited access, you can avail their subscription programs. This game provides you different activities that would train your mental fitness. It also offers, tests, activities and other games backed by science. You can play Lumosity both on Android and IOS.


Elevate is another popular mind game that you will certainly love. You will never run out of games from this app because you can choose from 35 games from it and most of them are brain training games. One of the best things about Elevate is that it is more educational. You can also download this game both in your IOS and Android mobile devices. This game focuses more on education skills such as writing, reading, speaking, math, couples quizzes and others. It allows you to customize the area that you want to focus on.


Of course, everyone knows the game crosswords. This is an old gold classic game for brain. The good thing about this game is that it doesn’t focus only on verbal language but it also promotes memory from many dimensions of knowledge. This game can also be played online so apart from the daily newspaper that you receive at home, you can also play it on your mobile phone, computer, tablet and other devices. You can also find many options for crossword puzzle online via free.

Happy Neuron

Last but not the least, you can opt to play Happy Neuron and it separates its activities and games into 5 critical brain areas. These include attention, memory, language, visual or spatial and executive functions. This game also allows you to customize the training that you need and you prefer. It also shows you your progress in the game. It can be easily downloaded on your mobile phone and you may want to check the subscription they are offering for a more amazing game experience.

Overall, when it comes to brain training games, you have wide variety of options to choose from.

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