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Rust Tips Guide – 8 Survival Tips For New Players

Written by Robert

Rush is known to be such an exciting game that many players around the globe play it. But this game could seem to be a little difficult for the new players. It would be great for you to know about cheap Rust accounts before playing this game. Here are the best 8 useful survival tips for those who are just starting in this game.

  • Go throughthe in-game tutorial

You need to follow the basic in-game tutorials while playing Rust properly. At the start, as a game character, you will be receiving a complete task list that demands you to fulfil some tasks like building a campfire, harvesting, crafting some tools etc. These tasks are nothing but the game tutorials for you. You will have to go through it.

  • Know as to where you should put your sleeping bag

Sleeping bag in this game is like a re-spawn point where you will return once you die or exit this game. Hence, it is essential to place your sleeping bag while in the game. If you put it on the beach, then it will be risky for you as other players will be looming there to kill you. Therefore, it would be a better idea to put it inland.

  • Get that hemp

If you want to make a sleeping bag, then you need to find the hemp first. It is not that hard to find, but it takes some effort. Using hemp, you are also allowed to make clothes to cover your body. Hence, you need to find it.

  • Be attentive to the temperature

You need to maintain your body temperature in some specific range while in the game. If your character gets too cold, then it will negatively affect your health. Getting too hot will also do the same.

  • Check out the silent nodes

You should look for silent nodes to get resources. If you bash some boulder or rock against some tree, then it will attract other enemies towards you. Hence, you need to do it in stealth mode. Using silent and small nodes is recommended.

  • Watch out for the wildlife

Apart from your enemies in the game, you should also be careful about the wildlife there. There could be bears or other animals roaming around. Be careful else it might be damaging for you.

  • Plant the seeds

You are supposed to find hemp seeds and vegetables, and you need to look for a safe place to harvest it. Hemp and food are considered to be very important for the players in the game. Therefore, you need to have this reliable source.

  • Loot and loot

You need to loot as many things and materials from the game you want. Looting different resources will speed up your position in the game. More a player loot, it will be better. One needs to have cheap Rust accounts to play this game in a convenient manner.

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