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Reporting In Adwords Just Got Easier

Written by Robert

Adwords announced some changes in the reporting interface, such as revamping the Campaigns tab to contain elements that you can only get to through the Reports Center. If you’ve noticed, Adwords have removed reports entirely out of the Report Center. Now, you can’t add new elements in the Account, Campaign, and Ad Group Reports, which is why we are here with some 谷歌广告技巧 that can help you increase your efficiency with the Adwords in a short span of time.

Adwords may have thought that placing the reports in the Campaigns tab will make it easier for us to access them and they’re right. But these changes need some getting used to and I understand that some of you might need some time to understand where everything is. Some segmentation and statistics options are moved somewhere else, but if you’re persistent, you can find them eventually.

The new reporting format does have some spiffy features that are only available in the Campaigns tab. These features can be found in the advanced reporting options, such as segmenting statistics by device and click type. You can also find a Dimensions tab which helps you view and segment performance by choosing which dimensions you want.

The Dimensions tab helps you see statistics that are segmented by hour within a day so you’ll know how many of your customers love shopping during lunch break. You can also divide the statistics according to the quarter so you can see your ad performance through a longer time period. Another neat segmentation choice is the Destination URL which tells you which pages on your websites are attracting more traffic and which pages are giving you more profits.

We understand that you may be miffed at the changes, but I promise that these new features are powerful and will give you more understanding of the status of your ad campaigns. So persevere and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

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