Pokemon Go – Catch Em All And Level Them Up

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Those who are new to pokemon go or any augmented reality games, you should definitely play it once, and we are sure you won’t remove it easily from your phone. But for a better experience, a bit of familiarity with pokemon and its storyline would be appreciated. And if you are also among the pokemon tv series fan like us, this game will amaze you. 

So, to play this game, you will need a smartphone with constant internet connectivity while moving around the globe. Also, your phone must have a GPS because that’s how the game works. Wherever you go, all you need to do is turn the game on, and it will show you any pokemon around you, which you can catch and add to your collection.

Understand Pokemon Battles And Moves Of Each Pokemon 

Once you have a good hold of a range of pokemon in your collection, you might be wondering what’s next? Now, although the game is about catching as many pokemon as you could, but there’s more to it. Inspired by the tv series, you will be able to battle your pokemon with other’s. But this is only possible at unique places called gyms. 

These gyms could be at several hubs in your city, and you can visit gyms to train your pokemon by having friendly battles with your friends or clan at the gym. Or you can challenge the gym owner to beat their pokemon in battle and win the gym. But to enjoy battles and win them, you need to level up and require powerful pokemon, and if you can’t wait for it to level up, you can check alternative pokemon go accounts on

3 Benefits Of Stopping By At Poke Stops Or Have Raid Battles 

Besides pokemon gyms, there are other hubs known as poke stops where you can repeatedly visit to find some gifts for you. These stops are generally situated at popular public places like museums or monuments etc. 

  • You can find Pokemon eggs at the poke stop that will eventually hatch at the desire distance, and you can have a new pokemon.
  • Also, poke stops have other rewards for you, including incubators for faster hatching of eggs or candies or poke balls.
  • If you battle against gym trainers and win any gym, it will generate reappearing in-game credits for you whenever a new trainer visits and battles at your gym.

Do You Know These Things You Can Do During Pokemon Battles?

Pokemon raid battles against other pokemon trainers require your active participation as you need to assist your pokemon manually to attack or dodge and win the battle.

  • Every pokemon enters a battle with limited strength and has its unique skills, attack, and more. So, you have to save your pokemon by maintaining its remaining strength and defeat the opponent by special attacks or moves of your pokemon.
  • You can assist the pokemon when to attack or swipe your pokemon to dodge the attack from the opponent.
  • Also, a trainer can call its pokemon out of battle if it is exhausted and send other pokemon in until the battle is over and a winner is declared.

Healing A Pokemon And Significance Of Stardust And Candies

After the battle, your pokemon would require to heal, and for that, it will require rest and other game-based energy, which comes in several forms like stardust or candies. Either you win a battle or lose one; in both cases, some of your pokemon may need healing, and you should therefore let them rest in the Pokeball. 

Different Levels In The Game And The Things You Can Unlock

As mentioned before, to unlock several game components like access to a gym, catching exclusive pokemon, or using the Pokedex to transfer pokemon, you need to level up. And to level up, you have to keep playing, visit places, keep catching pokemon constantly. But if you can’t wait that long to enjoy the game and its experience the most of it, then you can buy pre-owned accounts that have a high level and many unlocked features.

You can check some pre-owned pokemon go accounts at you can choose from various accounts like bronze, silver, or other high-level unlocked games. Also, one can check the pokemon available in the collection and other achievements before you buy any account.

Playing pokemon go with a high-level account will offer a fantastic experience as you have a hold of exclusive pokemon, various gyms, and other unlocked spots that generate credit for you. Moreover, you can enjoy raid battles using powerful and evolved pokemon that you might have never encountered in your previous account. But you should only buy these accounts from a genuine source and thoroughly check the specifications of any account before buying.

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