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Great Plastic Free Kettles

Research has shown that some plastics should not be in contact with our food and beverages because it may leach different toxins. A toxin called Bisphenol A (BPA) which we find in the popular plastic polycarbonate has got a lot of media coverage in the last decade. Research has shown that the toxin BPA is more dangerous than anticipated. It became a huge scandal when it was discovered that many baby bottles from different manufacturers were made of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate, the sinner!

Polycarbonate is easy to mold, durable, and relatively cheap, but it will weaken with time. As the plastic weakens it will start to leach (release) more and more BPA. Another characteristic of Polycarbonate is that when it weakens or is heated up, it will release BPA faster.

Both baby bottles and electric cordless water kettles get heated and have hot content regularly each and every day. If the bottle or kettle is made of BPA- plastic, the content will be contaminated with BPA fairly quickly and end up in the body through either warm milk to the baby or the morning tea/ coffee. Therefore it is important to avoid products made of Polycarbonate in the kitchen, but it can sometimes be difficult to find what type of plastic is used. I will suggest you buy an electric cordless kettle made of either glass or stainless-steel to avoid exposure to BPA, but in reality, it is not that easy since most electric cordless kettles have some plastic parts. I’ve also learned about Diamond Rock a safe and quick spring water supplier that I chose for my home.

I have found three different electric cordless water kettles that have no or just minor plastic parts that might come in contact with your boiling water.

Precise HeatTM 1.5 liter electric water kettle

The Precise HeatTM has a vintage style but still has all the modern functions. What makes this electric kettle interesting are not the good looks, but that it is made with surgical stainless steel and has absolutely no plastic parts that can come in contact with the water. Surgical stainless steel has a smoother and stronger surface and is more corrosive resistant than regular stainless steel. The heating element is hidden below the stainless steel bottom and the water level markings are imprinted in the metal. If you are looking for an electric kettle that has no plastic parts which can come in contact with the water and looks great at well, look no further. Two thumbs up!


+ Surgical stainless steel.

+ No plastic in contact with the water.

+ Quick Heating.


– Body and top gets burning hot.

Capresso H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle

The Capresso H2O Plus electric kettle has a beautiful glass design that will fit right in on any kitchen counter. The kettle housing is made of glass and has a stainless-steel dome that covers the heating element at the bottom. Inside the kettle, you won’t find any plastic at all and the only plastic part that can come in contact with your boiling water is the lid. But this is only possible during pouring and the lid can be removed if you like. The few plastic parts used on this Capresso H2O Plus is completely free for any Bisphenol A (BPA).

The seal around the stainless-steel dome and glass is made of silicone. Some have complained about the bad smell and odor coming from this seal. The kettle I tested didn’t have this bad odor, but it seems to be a real problem that several have had. Capresso has at least a good customer service that is helpful. The silicone should be safe and no research has yet shown that it leaches any toxins.


+ Good looking glass kettle.

+ 360-degrees swivel base.

+ Concealed powerful heating element.


– No spout filter.

– Many reports of bad odor.

Hamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch

The Cool-touch has a sleek dual walled stainless-steel housing that is just stunning with its simple shape. The water container is made of stainless steel and you can’t find any plastic parts at all below or right above the water level. This ensures the water won’t be contaminated by BPA. On the other hand, the boiling water will come in contact with some plastic when you are pouring. The spout filter holder and the lid are made of plastic, but I couldn’t figure out if these were made of the harmful type of plastic. The positive side is that you can easily remove the hold spout filter and its holder.


+ Automatic shut-off function.

+ No welded joints on the kettle housing.

+ “Cool-touch” housing.


– Plastic spout filter holder.

It– Hard to see the max water level indicator.

Cuisinart KUA-17

The Cuisinart KUA-17 is a beautiful polished stainless-steel electric tea kettle that will fit right in on the more traditional kitchen. The old stovetop look hides a modern electric kettle inside with many neat features. The only plastic the boiling water can come in touch with is the max water level indicator. The indicator is placed around a pipe that runs on the inside of the kettle and can be easily removed with a knife. This is maybe one of the electric kettles with the least plastic parts I have come across in my search for the plastic-free electric kettle.

Shopping and Product Reviews

What Is The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Drawstring Backpacks At Conventions?

Life can be very tiring and problematic at times due to work or personal issues. This is why it is important to give a break to your mind and body from time to time. The perfect break for your mind is to travel to other places. For planning your perfect vacation, you should keep the important things in mind that might affect your vacation. It is better to pack your luggage in a backpack, which can be placed at your back without making you look tired and under pressure. This is why people choose drawstring backpacks over other kinds of bags. The following mentioned reasons make backpacks very useful at conventions. 

  1. The first and most important reason is that they are very flexible and last for a long time. People who are fond of traveling know the price of bags and bottles and how often they can buy it. The traveling cost higher as it is, and no traveler would want to spend more amounts on any traveling expense. The drawstrings backpacks are made of strong materials that push it to stay with the same quality. This compels the traveler to buy it and save it for every trip they want to take in the future. As the traveling rate increases with time, people are choosing traveling, which means they will choose the best resources for making their trip comfortable.
  2. Many businesses use different ways of bringing the attention of the customers to their products. This will improve their reputation and sales related to their products. Bags are used by many people in different situations, which means that people can get bags for them or their friends or family. Businesses need to improve traffic on their company and its manufactured products. Companies hire advertising teams to bring their products into the limelight but using products like pens or bags can be very effective for their reputation. With the help of bags, they can print their name and stickers to distribute to their customers. This is an easy way to spread awareness about the products and the company.
  3. When someone is planning on buying something from the offline or the online market, they have to keep certain things in mind to get the best product that lasts for a long time. The first thing is the quality of the product to enjoy the services of the product for a long time. Another thing is the product’s price so that they do not have any financial crisis due to the product. The main components match with the drawstring backpacks because they are made of good quality and are available in different amounts.
  4. Due to the importance of every business’s reputation in the market, many effective plans are implemented, which fits the business owner’s expectations. It is very important to publicly launch the products so that it gets exposure from people. Even by getting aware of the product, many customers can make up their minds to buy your products, directly improving your sales. By looking at your promotional products like bags or watches, they will always be reminded about your company. Whenever any business deal is happening, your company’s name popping through the promotional gifts can be a definite sale for your company.
  5. Even if you have an existing professional relationship with another company, you have to appreciate them so that they feel the warmth from your company. This will make your company familiar to do business which will ultimately improve your sales and popularity in the market. With promotional gifts like drawstrings backpacks, it is easy to build a healthy relationship with the clients. A relationship is very important between a client and a business owner because only money does not matter for the company. Networking also plays a very important role in bringing new opportunities for the company and businesses in the market.
  6. According to the market trend, bags are considered very fashionable for people belonging to every age group. At conventions, people try to find companies who are investing in building a relationship with their customers and take efforts to make them feel important. Giving gifts like bags will think about the company and their business whenever they look at the bag or use them. Certain companies are engaged in getting customized bags made for their customers or another company so that they feel special and appreciated by their services.

  1. In a convention, several things have to be carried that are needed to lay down the business’s principles or the company. They can carry the bag very easily on their back without worrying about damaging any items that belong to the company. This is why companies think bags as very helpful for their help and to distribute among the customers. To give promotional gifts to the customer is considered an effective method of showing empathy towards the existing customers and making the first step towards the new customers.

There are many places where promotional gifts are provided in bulk so that the companies do not have to pay for the entire package. Many businesses buy drawstring pouch wholesale and distribute it at a low price to the customers. You can find different websites to get the best kind of backpacks for your next trip.

Computer and technology Guide Internet SEO Social Networking

Seo Company- Online Business Venture

There is a huge crisis in the business market these days as the corona virus pandemic has brought the country to a standstill where the SENSEX graph is at an all time low with numerous companies shutting down and with Covid-19 showing no signs of slowing down, the future looks pretty bleak.

People that are enthusiastic at the prospect of starting a new business venture and find themselves over the head when they realize the seriousness involved in it because most assume it to be a venture where you have numerous workers to take care of the job while they simply have to sit behind a desk and issue orders.

There are many points that need to be kept in mind while getting into the business world but times have changed now where social media has ensured that everything goes online and the same goes for business ventures as well.

Search Engine Optics

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into the picture where you have a company at your disposal that can provide hands on experience on how to work out on such ventures.

Online business is neither easy nor too difficult because once you understand the gist of how things work out, you can be sure to achieve success in this endeavor but SEO can help you out in searching for a prospective where you can lay down the foundation of any venture.

SEO, by definition, is a process where you can bring out the quality and quantity of an image that has become blurred due to internet traffic, which usually happens when there are many users working on the hierarchy numbering to billions, which is enough for any system to collapse, which you can learn more through

People find it difficult to establish a correlation between online business and SEO as they view them as two different spectrums but it is important that they know about the important role that SEO plays when it comes to establishing good business relationship with rival companies.

Google is the most popular search engine today and most business franchises would use it to get to know where their company stands in ranking terms but they would automatically go to the first website that is displayed on the first page of the results section.

The higher they are on the first page itself, the more successful they would be in their venture and that alone is enough for them to hire a good SEO.

Success Mantra

SEO is a time consuming process due to which businesses end up failing to get results but when you hire an outside venture, you have all the time in the world with regular efforts being pumped by the SEO.

Another reason for hiring a SEO is you get your money’s worth and 2 to 3 times more than what you invested in the business as returns as there would be new users at every level that would help in boosting the brand name.

Once the brand value increases, there would be an upsurge in sales and there would be no question of errors from your side as the SEO is well equipped to take care of everything and this success mantra is enough.

Buying Guide Guide Kids

Guide To Quality Fabrics That Is Good For The Baby

A wide range of fabrics is appropriate for infants, such as in Voodi, children, and babies. When considering fabric for children’s clothing, protection, and security is always a primary concern. A further aspect is the ease of treatment.

Here are some of the increasingly better bed sheets from which to choose to search for sheets for babies and kids:

  1. With cotton

Cotton is a warm, breathable material that might help control the baby’s temperature in either form of weather.

  1. Polyester

Polyester is close to cotton except that it is cheap and plentiful, but you still need to consider various factors.

  1. Sheets Waterproof

If you’re searching for a way to stop stains and sloppy cleanups, the route to go is with a waterproof sheet for kids.

Organic Baby Fabrics Advantages:

  1. Secure the Delicate Skin of your Kid

Most certainly, you are conscious of how delicate the skin of the baby is. It’s indeed thinner and, due to this, it results in losses much faster; that is why it is more susceptible to irritation.

  1. Allergies Avoid

Many children develop reactions to contaminants early on since their bodies cannot break and remove contaminants as adults, which may explain why physicians still suggest using natural shampoos, ointments, and detergents.

  1. Save Cash

Although you may believe that organic is far too much to invest some money or waste your cash, you can’t be from the facts.

  1. Varieties

If you were worried that you would have to outfit your baby with the same, downright awful clothes, you could depend on rest confident selection.

For just about any parent, parenting a kid properly is perhaps the most important activity as Voodi 90×200 dimension. One of the main worries of first-time mothers seems to be this. The heart is filled with joy, anxiety, pleasure, concern, etc., aside from hormones messing with the body and mind.

Home Improvement

Choose an Ideal Generator for Home & Office

One of the important things that you take into consideration when choosing an ideal generator for home and office is of course your budget. Budgeting is very crucial especially for your business. So, when buying a generator, it is crucial to take into consideration the amount of money you are willing to spend for a generator. Of course, generator is a long-term investment and you can consider it as a cost-efficient asset for you company in the long run. There are several brands and models of generators in the market and make sure to match your budget to the brand that best suits your business needs.

The power required in a generator like Telecom DC Generators is also an important factor to consider. You should be able to measure the wattage that you need according to the appliances and devices that you are using. This is very important because it helps you in choosing the right generator that would cater to the wattage needs. But generally, for small shops and business, the power requirement would fall below KW. Make sure to calculate the wattage that your machines and devices would consume so you can decide the power wattage of the generator that you will buy.

Generators also vary from one another in terms of features. But as advised by experts, it is smart to look for generators that have features like silent operations, transfer switch, remote control, automatic cooling, automatic voltage regulation and automatic shut down. Most importantly, there should also be safety measures to ensure the safety of the machine when using it. Again, the features of the generator will depend on your preference and requirement so make sure to carefully and accurately assess your needs before buying the right generator for your business.

The fuel used in the generator should also be considered. Basically, most of the generators uses kerosene, fuel, diesel, petrol, LPG and many more in order to create electricity. Of course, some fuel sources are more expensive than others. Thus, make sure to take into account this factor as well before buying a generator. You should be able to decide what kind of generator you would like to buy on the fuel used.

Included items and services are also important aspect of the generator that you should pay attention to. Apart from the mentioned features earlier, you should also look for accessories, warranty, and other after services offered by the provider. Some of these items include cord, funnel, oil, transfer switch and others. Again, it is very important to consider the cost of installation as well and the maintenance also because it will add up to the generator’s expenses and cost.

Overall, when buying a generator, there are lots of factors that you need to consider. Make sure to assess everything fist before making your purchase. You can check some reviews online and other forums so you will have an idea about how to choose and buy the right generator for your business.


Best GPS Trackers For Hassle-Free Locating And Positioning

The navigation and location detecting systems have proven themselves as a necessary element of our lives. From tracking criminals by cops to locating one’s child’s school bus, the GPS device serves society with various benefits. The benefits are selfless and help us to be safe all around the world.

From land vehicles to other locomotive machines, the best GPS trackers are used to check the direction and way to reach a destination. Also, with the help of the same device, the security personals and locomotive authorities monitor their vehicles’ motion and movement. 

What is GPS?

The full form of GPS is the Global Positioning System used globally in every type of vehicle to monitor the speed, movement, and travel to synchronize the location with the help of satellite signals.

The satellite signals help us learn about the location, speed, and altitude of the object being tracked.

Used for various purposes like logistics, entertainment in the form of games, emergencies like natural calamities or crashes of an aircraft, etc.

Elements of GPS:

The basic elements of Global Positioning System are as follows:

  • Satellites

The satellites emit signals to the various types of GPS devices of the user at every time of day or night. The satellites are the prime sources of signals that are received by a GPS device.

  • Control on the ground

There are monitoring stations established at every corner of the world to provide the general way and ground locations. The signals from the satellite will locate the presence of GPS. The ground control stations help in providing ways and maps.

  • Equipment used

The equipment used by the users like smartphones, smartwatches, and other telematic devices that serve as one of the best GPS enabled devices are perfect for tracking and monitoring the movement and location of a particular object or person.

Benefits of GPS tracker

Several types of organizations use GPS technology to serve different purposes to society. Some of the benefits of the best GPS trackers are listed below –

  • Locating positions

From hikers, mountaineers, adventurers to taxi drivers, trains, and other transportation facilities, the GPS trackers are used to locate the positions of self and other people. A cab driver will find the customers by their GPS location, the aircraft’s flying altitude and location will be traced with the GPS trackers’ help. 

  • Easy access to emergency helplines

In case of an accident or other serious issue, one can easily contact the helplines of the police, ambulance and other helping services without any delay. These GPS tracking devices have served as lifesavers for countless people.

  • Security from vehicle theft

The stolen vehicles can be tracked and retrieved back easily if they have GPS trackers in them. The GPS tracker will provide the exact location of the vehicles. Today, the manufacturers of cars and other locomotives provide inbuilt GPS trackers in their vehicles to provide additional security benefits.

  • Specialized tracking by government authorities

The best GPS trackers are used by the government authorities to complete various tasks. From the national security tasks in wars and battles to tracking down the suspects and threats to society. The powerful GPS trackers are used by Police and defense personals.

  • Tracking and locating pets

Generally, the pets have the habit of wandering around if left untied or free. There are times when these pets are unable to search the way back to their homes. By placing the helpful GPS trackers in their collars may help you to find your pets and bring them home safely.

  • For older adults’ safety

In old age, people lose the strength of memorizing things and remembering ways and routes. Due to the decreasing strength of the adults’ mind in your house, you must attach a GPS tracker device to their clothes or other objects. In case of emergency, these trackers will help you locate your loved ones.

Hence, there are several aspects of having the best GPS trackers with you. At times of necessity, these trackers work as reliable resources. From government to private sectors, the necessity of GPS in various devices is well understood. With GPS devices’ help, there will be no hassle to locate your destination and close ones.


Be Careful When Selecting A Debt Relief Company

Consolidating your debts is crucial if you wish to avoid the interest trap and subsequent succeeding sorrow and tension. Debt consolidation resolutions free individuals and households, as there are few feelings worse than being deluged with debt; it carries over to effect you in every other trouble you run into.

Numerous debt consolidation organizations and companies tell you that if you pay back the least amount of money, applying it to your accounts will take you forever to pay back your debts. This is right; nonetheless, if you are yielding the minimal sum, it is demonstrating effort on your part.

It is truth that when you seek out the help of a debt consolidation company it can be a strike against your credit. This is because the credit companies view this activity as irresponsibleness on your part. Because if you would have managed your funds right in the first place you wouldn’t be in this situation.

Debt consolidation services claim to offer up simplistic methods to reduce your bills, merging them into one monthly installment. Nonetheless, some parties will charge obscure fees, coupled with high rates of interest. Therefore, you are not getting out of debt any earlier than you would be if you were paying off the minimum amount on your bills. Many of the debt consolidation services will make it simple for debtors to apply for a loan or else a resolution to help them get out of debt. site will guide the people to select the right amount of the loan. The results are the best one for the people at the electronic platform. No requirement of physical documents is there in the electronic platform. The company will get a relief with the platform and immediate results. 

Few companies will make up slicks that attract consumers, leading them to trust that help is accessible now. Nonetheless, it took you a short time to land in debt; it will take you longer to get out of debt. Consequently, do not fall for any company trick; instead, adventure into research, looking for the parties that will help save you from overwhelming payments and at the same time shrink your monthly installment. These parties will not charge you a fortune; instead they will help you eliminate your debts over a period of time.

Printing Service

The Power of Sticker Printing in Expanding Your Business Horizons

One of the reasons why sticker printing is a great marketing material is because print readers have long attention spans. We all know that when we read online, we have the tendency to scan the content rather than have an in-depth reading. The main reason for this is that we only want to get the main points of the article, blog or advertisement that we are reading. This is also the reason why most of the articles that you find online are in bulleted form and contain short sentences only. On the other hand, print readers are not that much in hurry. They have the tendency to really take time to read the entire piece. That said, print marketing such as sticker printing is still one of the best materials that businesses can use to advertise their products or services.

Another reason why people prefer sticker printing and other marketing print materials is because they like the tangible feel of a printed marketing piece. The print materials have a sensory component that digital materials don’t have. Basically, holding a brochure, flyer or a catalog in the hands encourages people to read the entire content of the material. Hence, it has a bigger impact on consumer purchase decisions. 

In sticker printing, you also have different options which allow you to have multiple and effective targeting as well. You have options from sell sheets, brochures, posters, stickers, and others. This kind of print marketing gives you wide variety of materials that will help you to deliver your message to the consumers. Also, this diversity of materials also allows precise targeting to the right audiences. You can send mail to the direct market or potential buyer encouraging them to buy the products o services that you are offering to the.

Print marketing like sticker printing also supports your digital marketing. For example, if you have QR codes on posters, brochures and other printed materials that you have will help you to encourage consumers to visit your website and as a result, it would increase or boost your traffic. Furthermore, print marketing may also have free download offers so you can motivate people to engage in your business through online space. Overall, when you use digital and print marketing together, you will be able to have a powerful way to build your brand awareness which could result to higher sales.

Lastly, it has been proven already that print marketing can provide high response rates. Studies show that postcards can generate 4.25 percent response rate, which is way higher than email. Custom sticker printing can also be displayed in different items or things so lots of people can be notified or informed about the product that you are selling. Hence, you will get higher response rates. Overall, the main goal of marketing is to send message to the customers and encourage them to buy the product or services offered by the company. Print marketing such as sticker printing can certainly do that.

Interior Design

4 Interior Design Hacks For Stunning Living Room Decor

Your living room is perhaps the one area of the home where you and your family will spend the most time together, so it only makes sense that its decor is warm, inviting and is able to provide a bespoke level of comfort. Depending upon the room in question, this can be a difficult challenge and you may find yourself torn between different design options. This latest guest post takes a quick look at some of the most effective tips and tricks that will allow any living room to leave a lasting impression.

  • In Living Colour

One of the first variables to consider is the desired colour scheme. Warmer and darker tones such as sienna, brown and mauve are ideal for larger rooms, as they will help to counteract a feeling of overwhelming size. In the same manner, lighter tones and pale pastels are perfect choices for a smaller area; they can provide the illusion of space. In regards to either choice, it is wise to keep the colours from being overly intense, as doing so can actually detract from other aspects of the room.

  • Light Up the Room

The placement of natural and artificial light is another key consideration. Rooms with larger windows should take as much advantage of exterior light as possible – try to avoid placing furniture in front of or near a window that might obstruct natural light. However, you may find that your room lacks enough windows to provide bucket-loads of natural light. For the interior designing of the room, you should adopt the best measures. One of the aspects is the placing of meuble in the room. The design will match with the walls of the rooms. The interior design is the work of the professionals to offer a new look to the place.

In this case, your choice of lighting will depend upon the style that you wish to portray. Traditional or Victorian decor can be complimented by the use of table lamps or free-standing fixtures. A more contemporary ambiance can be achieved with the use of wall lights. These will take up little space and are perfect if your room is rather diminutive in size. Thankfully, there are a host of lighting styles to choose from.

  • Flooring Tips

Although this factor is frequently overlooked, the type of flooring can be considered one of the “make-or-break” areas within your room. Carpeted floors can offer a warm and cosy feel to larger areas while wooden floors will imbue a sense of “cleanliness”. In living rooms, both options can be made possible by exposing any wood flooring (if it exists) and strategically placing a few plush throw rugs nearby.

If original wood floors are not present, modern do-it-yourself options abound and are quite cost-effective alternatives. If you have pets around the home, a wood floor is one of the best ways to maintain a clean and sanitary living room.

  • The Timeless Quality Of Solid Wood Furniture

One of the most beneficial aspects in regards to solid wood furniture is that it is just as appropriate for contemporary designs as it is perfect for traditional living room decor. Also, there are countless wood types, finishes and tones to choose from.

Not only is this option beautiful, but it is also very functional. Pieces such as solid oak displays, dressers and end tables are built to last while they will also provide a natural appeal that composite materials can never accomplish. Thankfully, quality suppliers such as Furniture4YourHome will offer a nearly limitless number of choices and as this furniture can also be painted, colour is always an option.

These are some of the top-rated tips that will provide a sense of life and uniqueness to your living room. Of course, combining one or more of these methods will make for an even more striking impression. Above all, it is important that your room boasts a personality which matches the rest of your home. The end result will be an area that is inviting, comfortable and visually appealing.

Clothing Fashion Guide Lifestyle Style

Korean Lifestyle- Fashion Statement Explained For Better Knowledge

What are the factors that govern your lifestyle in a systematic way? Well, for one, discipline plays a huge role where if you follow the set norms every day, then you can be sure that each one will turn out fine aside from having a great deal of patience and perseverance while completing your endeavors on time.

But is that really possible in the materialistic world that we live in today? Not at all as everyone is engaged in running this futile race to achieve one-upmanship in different fields where both professional and personal life is embroiled in turmoil and it increases to such a point that leads to perpetual depression.

It has been found that smaller nations don’t have any problem in dealing with such issues like Japan and South Korea as they not only are smaller in size but also have a smaller population to tackle with the economy going through a robust phase and the fact that fashion statements continue to rule the roost.

Dressing Sense

We’ll stick to Korean fashion for this article as Japan is a bit diverse despite being an island country and the fact that people are getting addicted to anything even remotely connected to South Korea whether it be their movies or their dressing sense and it is the latter that we shall focus on today.

Korean Fashion is something that is simple and yet intriguing because it is perfectly suitable for people of different age groups and from divers countries around the world but what makes it easy to handle is that size of clothes matters very little in this country.

You have no idea of how popular oversized pullover sweaters are in this nation because ladies enjoy wearing it as they feel due comfort while doing so irrespective of the weather and climate conditions.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no restrictions in the fashion statement that people follow and we shall look at some do’s and don’ts have to be followed when it comes to dresses.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • When you are wearing a modern Hanbok, make sure to buy a plain one with little design as that would look good on your fair features without showing off
  • While travelling in a bus, make sure you offer your seat to a lower gentleman that needs it more than you because there’s no harm for standing for sometime whether you are a boy or girl as youngsters are quite agile and energetic in such things
  • While eating in a café or restaurant, take off your branded shoes and sit cross legged as there are many of them that still adhere to the traditional rules and regulations


  • While sitting in a classroom, never yawn with your mouth open wide as that would signify your rudeness and would have a bad impression on the teachers, especially if they are new
  • While travelling by subway, keep the end seats reserved for senior citizens and pregnant ladies so that they can get a sense of comfort