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Oreck Xl Vacuum Cleaner

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The Oreck Corporation, founded over 40 years ago by David Oreck, began making a name for itself in the business of vacuum cleaners by manufacturing and selling them commercially to the hotel and motel industries. Word soon spread about the Oreck’s high performance and incredibly lightweight design, far unlike any other vacuum available on the market, and the company soon began selling their vacuums to the general public. Today, Oreck vacuums are known as one of the very best commercial vacuum cleaners available and come in both the upright as well as the canister type, including their line of XL uprights with four different models to choose from. Here, you can leggi about the right vacuum cleaner for your house.

Which Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Is Right for You?

The Oreck XL2000 series of vacuums are regularly touted as the best industrial vacuum cleaners available and are used in a variety of businesses all over the world. For residential use, the Oreck XL Classic features Oreck’s XL Filter Knit filtration system along with a three-year warranty. The XL Deluxe has a hypoallergenic filtration system, an ergonomic handle, and a five-year warranty including three free annual tune-ups. For more features, the Oreck XL Ultra has an adjustable two-speed motor, a five-layer outer bag, and a 10-year warranty with 10 free tune-ups.

The Oreck XL21 Titanium vacuum cleaner weighs in at eight pounds and offers an unprecedented 21-year warranty along with 21 free annual tune-ups that are designed to restore the vacuum to its original, just-out-of-the-box quality and performance. This model features seven layers of filtration within both of the unit’s outer and inner bags along with Microban protection in order to eliminate not only mold and mildew but also bacteria and odors.

Or, if you are more interested in a smaller canister type of vacuum as opposed to the upright models, the Oreck XL BB870 vacuum cleaner is compact and weighs a mere five pounds but yet features suction strong enough to lift a 16-pound bowling ball. This model is also ideal for allergy sufferers as it uses hypoallergenic dust bags, instead of the usual, less sanitary dust cup, along with a Posi-Lock seal to ensure no dirt or debris escapes the unit.

Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

In more than one review on vacuum cleaners, the Oreck scored rather well with consumers who routinely wrote that they were pleased with the XL’s performance and their ability to remove dirt and dust from carpeting. According to reviews, the overall lightweight design of all models of Oreck’s makes them a favorite for households with steps, staircases, and multiple levels.

The cons noted of the Oreck line of XL vacuum cleaners were the lack of onboard tools for cleaning various surfaces, as well as the absence of an on/off switch for the brush roll to clean hardwood floors more effectively, although the XL21 does have high and low brush roll speeds for vacuuming carpets of different heights and thicknesses.

Oreck vacuum cleaner bags and belts are easily replaced, readily available, and able to be purchased either online. You can also look for vacuum cleaner parts in any of the 400 Oreck Clean Home Centers, or wherever vacuum cleaners and their accessories are sold. Some models, such as the Oreck XL21, include an extra belt which is stored in the bottom of the unit.

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