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Natural Tennis Elbow Remedies – Providing better experiences to the patients

Written by Robert

You may be wondering if there are tennis elbow remedies that come all natural. Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition where the outer part of the elbow becomes very painful that most of the time radiates through the forearm. This is due to the inflammation of the tendons that can lead to degeneration of the tendons and micro-tearing.

You will also feel that the tendon on the outer part of your elbow is tender. When you happen to develop this kind of injury, it is hard to perform simple tasks such as grasping, lifting, gripping or twisting. The damage on the tendon is the result of overexertion of the muscles, stress and repetitive movements. There are some tennis elbow remedies that come naturally. Mother Nature never fails to provide what we need.

Ice Packs. This is a remedy that’s ideal for acute and chronic injuries. It is very effective in relieving the inflammation. You can use this when your injury happens just so recently say, the last 48 hours. Apply this for no longer than twenty minutes at a time for too much ice can be harmful.

Heat packs. You can apply this before doing activities that causes chronic injuries and muscle strain. Just use a heating pad or a towel and place it under hot tap water. Apply to the injured part for not more than twenty minutes.  In comparison to the other remedies, experience fast relief of lateral epicondylitis without any side-effects. The activities are performed without any fear of injuries and heat pad is allotted to the patients. The experience of the tennis player is supreme with the use of the treatment. 

Zostrix. This is derived from red hot chili peppers wherein you can wrap this around your elbow’s joint to reduce pain. Its natural pain reliever is called capsaicin. There is no known systematic side effect or drug interaction for Zostrix.

Potato packs. Use baked and warm potatoes and apply this on the injured area to relieve your tennis elbow pain.

Diet. You must include celery and omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. The seeds of the celery possess fluid that can be extracted and added to hot water. Take the extracted fluid before meals in five to ten drops. It is a beneficial pain relief. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids can be found mostly on fish.

Acupuncture. This is effective for short-term relief from pain. This is originally a Chinese traditional medicine and it is believed that pain happens to be a blocked energy along invisible pathways of your body. They are unblocked with the use of acupuncture needles as it is inserted into the skin through the pathways. Though, it wasn’t fairly explained how this work, several theories are proposing that acupuncture may be releasing natural pain-relieving opioids which sends signals that calm the sympathetic nervous system.

Rest. This is very vital, not just to relieve pain but to promote healing also. You should refrain from doing any activities that may strain your muscles.

Regular exercise. Stretching and strengthening exercises are beneficial methods to remedy your tennis elbow problems. When the pain subsided, try to perform some gentle stretching exercises to improve your wrist and forearm flexibility. Perform some strengthening exercises as well for the muscles to be fit. There’s no way better than this to avoid tennis elbow symptoms from coming back.

You can use any of these when you want to go for an all-natural remedy. Ice packs, heat packs, Zostrin, potato packs, diet, acupuncture, rest and regular exercise are some of the ways that build up tennis elbow remedies in natural ways.

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