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Mushroom Hunting: What To Do And What To Avoid?

Written by Robert

Mushrooms are great, and people across the globe love eating a mushroom in their meals as the wet and damp season approaches; many people like to spend time mushroom hunting. One can learn more about amanita muscaria effects by going on hunting for mushrooms. 

Mushroom hunting

Now, what is mushroom hunting? It is a practice in which people go around looking for mushrooms in the place where they can be mostly found. Some people like to hunt for mushrooms for themselves. Some chefs like to use locally grown mushrooms for adding that extra nuance to their food and menu. Many people like to take trips to the forest to find edible mushrooms for the local stores. 

However, while mushroom hunting, one thing that should be kept in mind is that not all mushrooms are edible. Some are purely edible, and others are completely poisonous. It is important to recognize the edible ones from deadly ones. That is why certain things should be kept in mind while going hunting for mushrooms.

Do’s of mushroom hunting

Some of the do’s of the mushroom hunting are:

  • Have a guide:

One should have a guide who is an expert in mycology. They will help in getting informed knowledge about the mushrooms and their types. This will help in making lesser mistakes when collecting mushrooms.

  • Laws:

Now, mushrooms are used for many reasons, and in some parts, they are used as psychedelics. This is the reason many types of mushrooms are not allowed to be foraged according to the law. Before wearing the mushroom hunting boots, one should make themselves aware of these laws and bylaws. One should know about the theft laws and the mushroom gathering laws. 

  • Identify the poisonous ones:

It is better to know the most poisonous mushrooms present in the local areas. It will be easier, and one will be more informed about which ones to pick and which ones to avoid. 

  • Be sustainable:

Stripping the entire area off the mushrooms is not a good practice. Take only the amount that is needed and not more than that. It is crucial to have a sustainable mindset, which will preserve nature and the environment. Avoid picking the oldest mushrooms as they will be producing more spores. 

Don’ts of mushroom hunting

Some of the things that should be avoided at all cost while hunting for mushrooms are:

  • Stay away from too pretty ones:

Yes, there are some pretty edible options. But there are also many pretty ones which are none dibble and heavily poisonous. It is better to be thoroughly confident about them before picking them up after not knowing about amanita muscaria effects.

  • Stay away from oozing and scaly mushrooms:

To check, one can make a small cut on the mushroom. If the mushroom oozes any liquid or changes their color, the chances are that those are poisonous.

  • Never be overconfident:

Overconfidence is not good. Especially if one is planning to pick mushrooms from the wild, it is better to be speculative and carry a certain amount of doubt on the safer side.

  • Please stay away from apps:

Sometimes, one can find apps that allow the person to take pictures of the mushroom and then tell them about it. This can be quite risky after all; one cannot trust a piece of technology completely. 

  • Do not uproot:

It is always said that while picking mushrooms, do not uproot the mushrooms. Instead, cut the stem using a sharp knife.

Mushroom hunting is a big thing in parts of the world. If one is an enthusiast of mushroom, they too can be a part of the culture.  However, one should take safety precautions first and consider the dos and don’ts to stay safe.

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