Mortal Kombat: Deception Review

Written by Robert

If you’ve clicked this review, chances are no introductions are needed. You know what Mortal Kombat and are all about, and you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re a fan, I’m sure you have a favorite character or two. Even if you’re not, you probably have your opinions of the series already formed. Well, you can throw all that crap out the closest window. This is Mortal Kombat like you’ve never seen it before. Yes, the fighting engine is basically the same as it was the last time out (which would imply that you have in fact seen it before), but there are so many new things here that I can and will justify the previous statement. Stick around; we’re gonna have us some fun.

Remember that âdeadly alliance from the last game? You can refresh your memory here if you need to. Basically, previous tournament champion, Liu Kang, and Outworld ruler, Shao Khan, both got owned and are currently wearing designer toe tags thanks to the combined efforts of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Now they are tag-teaming Raiden and had beaten the Elder God when the Dragon King showed up. It was his army that these two scheming sorcerers were resurrecting and filling with all those souls, so now that the big fella has awakened, he wants to be the one running the show. I’m not gonna spoil any more of the intro movie here, but let’s just say that numerous attempts are made to take the Dragon King down, but he’s having none of it. 


The last Mortal Kombat game, with its vs. mode, Konquest mode, and tons of unlockable goodies, set the bar as probably the deepest fighter on the market in terms of content. Deception takes that bar and snaps it in half over its head. The vs. mode is the sole purpose of a fighting game, so naturally, that’s back, and its better than ever since it’s on Xbox Live. That alone would put this title in the top fighters of all time, but Midway continues to give us more and more love each time out.

The Konquest mode was a way of training you to use your character, and it makes a return all tricked out RPG style. The Krypt is a cemetery this time, instead of a gloomy room, and it has 400 coffins full of stuff. Those improvements are sweet enough, but the inclusion of Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat is enough to rot my teeth out and leave me gumming the rest of this review. Id almost has to do four separate ones for each game mode. I won’t, but get some Visine handy, and let’s get to it.

First, well take roll call and see whos down to bloody some noses. There are 24 character spots in all, but you only get half of them in the beginning. I was going to rub it in and show them all, but I decided instead to block out their pictures so you stay focused.

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