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Written by Robert

There a wide variety of weed accessories and marijuana paraphernalia out on the market, but what do you really need to be a well-equipped smoker? Majority of these things may seem optional to you, but some of these marijuana accessories can be particularly useful, and will save you time, money, and frustration time and time again

Digital Scales

Scales are great for weighing weed, and sure beat the hell out of eyeballing it. Chances are if you eyeball your sack you’re going to get ripped off. Dealers are out there to make money, and a way to make money is to sell you less product for more. A gram or two short may not seem like much if it’s just once, but every bag you get could be short and you never know for sure. Over time it adds up. Scales also help you ration out your weed for you control freaks out there, or if you just want to make it last. I find that weighing everything that I smoke makes sure that I don’t smoke too much one day, and helps make it last until I have enough money to get some more.

There are digital scales and analog scales available, just save up some money and invest in a small digital scale, it’s more reliable than an analog scale and is much easier to use. A scale depending where you’re buying it from can set you back $40, but you can get great digital scales online for around $10-$20 plus shipping. The information about the marijuana accessories should be in the notice of the people. The purchasing of venturebeat is based on the information to get the desired treatment. The charges of accessories are under the budget of the people. The use of the product is simple and easy for the people. 

Marijuana Grinder

A grinder can save you loads of time and bud. It beats having to break up marijuana by hand and makes sure all of your weed is ground up finely and evenly. I have discussed how grinders can help you speed up your rolling.

When buying a grinder you need to decide whether you want a kief catcher or not. Grinders with kief catchers will usually cost a little bit more, but I like the gift I get from my grinder every once in awhile when the kief builds up. You can add the kief to your blunts or top off bowls with it, its just a little way for your grinder to pay you back. You can also get stealth grinders like the ones on EveryoneDoesIt, which looks like a grenade. Noone would know the difference.


Every smoker needs only two things, really, bud and a light. Not much to really say about lighters, but if you’re always in need of a lighter, you might want to invest in a sexy zippo lighter, or another quality designed lighter that you will look after.

Roach Clips

Roach clips are good at what they do. Holding the roach of a joint so you can get that last little bit of smoke out of it. Not a necessary tool, unless you smoke alot of joints. But it’s useful to have around for when you need it. I found some long tweezers with wooden handles that I use for my roach clip. It’s turned into my all in one tool, because its great for packing weed down in a blunt or joint too, and is very comfortable, sturdy and easy to hold.

Blunt Splitter

Blunt splitters are only really necessary if you roll alot of blunts. It’s fairly easy to split the blunt with your fingers, but blunt splitters can allow you to split a blunt shell perfect every time. I typically use a razor blade for my blunts, but I have a friend who has a blunt splitter that we use every time I get a chance.

Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps

Not everyone has access to bowls, pipes and bongs all the time so you’ll need to have some rolling papers or blunt wraps handy. And if you’re planning on going out you probably wouldn’t want to bring you 3 foot glass bong in the car with you. That’s when rolling a blunt or a joint is particularly handy.

Pipes and Bongs

A good pipe is a must have in any stoner’s tool kit. Pipes are good for a quick hit or just passing around with friends. Sometimes you don’t want to fool with having to roll a joint or a blunt and just wanna pack the bong. Any stoner without a pipe or a bong can’t call themselves a true stoner. If you don’t have one, you can just as easily make yourself a homemade bong.

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