Majoring In Real Estate

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For someone starting college and looking for a good career choice in a satisfying field, majoring in real estate may be worth considering. Although the market may be a bit soft right now, real estate is usually a safe field of endeavor–if you’re good at it–because people need housing, and if possible they want to live in a home they own. As a poway realtor, you could help make people’s dreams come true and possibly make a decent living doing it. The following are a few tips on choosing real estate as your major.

Many Possibilities

If you intend to major in real estate, you’ll soon become aware that your choices aren’t limited to becoming a real estate agent or broker. Many employment possibilities exist for people who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a real estate major. Jobs are available in numerous fields, including working at financial institutions, commercial brokerage houses, mortgage companies, property management companies, and investment management firms.

Job Opportunities

Specific job opportunities include being a property leaser, a commercial or residential financer, a commercial property manager, a land developer, a real estate agent or broker, a residential property manager, a real estate appraiser, or any number of other occupations. This is only the tip of the iceberg. As a professional in the real estate industry, you will only be limited by your imagination, because a knowledgeable real estate professional is in high demand.

What You Learn

The real estate business is diverse. It is far more than simply brokering a deal between one party who wants to sell their home and another who wants to buy. Real estate professionals plan, manage, invest in, and develop the property as well as broker deals for others. Majoring in real estate in college will help you learn a variety of practices, including how to analyze, evaluate, finance, and develop the property, including commercial real estate.

Additional Instruction

Additionally, studying for a major in real estate will help you develop an ability to understand the functions of the real estate market, and be able to visualize how real estate practices affect the market. A major in real estate will also help you understand how real estate institutions work, and the legal aspects of working in the real estate industry. The course of study will instruct you on how to assess real estate development opportunities in all phases of the market, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties. You will develop problem-solving skills by learning how to analyze financing alternatives. Some colleges and universities offer you the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of real estates, such as investment or property management.

What Courses to Take

Many colleges and universities offer real estate courses; some even provide online degrees. Classes are usually within a larger course of study, most often related to business administration because a foundation in business is necessary to become a real estate professional. Courses such as accounting, business ethics, finance management, and marketing are the backbone of learning about business administration. They are also fundamental aspects of the real estate field. Because real estate professionals have a continuous need for math-related skills, math courses are mandatory if you hope to earn a degree in business administration and major in real estate. Although you will probably only be required to take basic math courses, a few more advanced courses, such as calculus, will not hurt your career in real estate. They can only help.

The Importance of a BBA in Real Estate

Although it’s certainly not necessary to go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in real estate in order to get a real estate license, it definitely won’t hurt, either. Real estate professionals are continually working side by side with people who have a lot of experience buying and selling property. Some of those people have degrees, and it would be beneficial to you to pay attention to what they do and say because their knowledge has gotten them to where they are. Learning what they know by going to the school of hard knocks may ultimately serve you well, but returning to school and getting a formal education in real estate could help you cut some corners and achieve your goals quicker.

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