Lipo Sculpting

Written by Robert

An advanced technique of the procedure ‘Tumescent Liposuction’ is termed as Lipo Sculpting or Lipo Sculpture. Lipo Sculpting is a less risky procedure and is much less traumatic compared to traditional Liposuction. Basically, the body’s contours are ‘sculpted’ by removing the unwanted fat using suction. Lipo Sculpting was made to deal with issues like not having enough fat to remove through suction. It is a sculpting surgery more than a volume surgery. Lipo Sculpting involves much more skill to artistically sculpt the body into beautiful thighs or a slim and shapely waist.

Lipo Sculpting also involves numbing up the area that requires the work and dispersing the fat using a normal saline base epinephrine/lidocaine solution. Once this solution has been introduced into the area needed, the fat breaks up and the area then becomes totally numb. Then the unwanted fat and the solution are removed safely using a cannula, which is a micro surgical instrument. The cannula is inserted via tiny incisions of 3 to 4 mm in size. The whole Lipo Sculpting process is quiet and the movements involved are slow and gentle. It is not a painful procedure and no scars or uneven areas are left behind. There are very precise tools that are used today that make Lipo Sculpting possible. Since the exact areas that need sculpting can be targeted now, it has become more possible to get rid of saddle bags, love handles, double chins and other results of excess fat that bother people every day.

Technology like ultrasound and laser technology are minimally invasive processes that help Lipo Sculpting techniques, which are used by doctors and patients alike for a highly effective method to achieve body contours that are desired. The small incisions ensure fast recovery and they are less painful than other surgical cosmetic procedures. Almost any area on your body can be ‘sculpted’. If you are trying to treat many areas of your body at the same time through Lipo Sculpting the factors to consider are your weight, height and the size of the areas needing treatment. Since Lipo Sculpting can remove about 70% – 80% of fat in the area being treated; it makes it permanent in nature.

The cost of Lipo Sculpting includes surgeon’s fees, facility fees and anesthesia fees. The cost of Lipo Sculpting should be given serious consideration before getting into this procedure of Lipo Sculpting. Since it is a delicate process and uses the ultimate in advanced technology the price can be a little more than what you would expect, especially if the surgeon is renowned. Also keep in mind that the price is what can make or break the decision to have Lipo Sculpting.

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