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Korean Lifestyle- Fashion Statement Explained For Better Knowledge

Written by Robert

What are the factors that govern your lifestyle in a systematic way? Well, for one, discipline plays a huge role where if you follow the set norms every day, then you can be sure that each one will turn out fine aside from having a great deal of patience and perseverance while completing your endeavors on time.

But is that really possible in the materialistic world that we live in today? Not at all as everyone is engaged in running this futile race to achieve one-upmanship in different fields where both professional and personal life is embroiled in turmoil and it increases to such a point that leads to perpetual depression.

It has been found that smaller nations don’t have any problem in dealing with such issues like Japan and South Korea as they not only are smaller in size but also have a smaller population to tackle with the economy going through a robust phase and the fact that fashion statements continue to rule the roost.

Dressing Sense

We’ll stick to Korean fashion for this article as Japan is a bit diverse despite being an island country and the fact that people are getting addicted to anything even remotely connected to South Korea whether it be their movies or their dressing sense and it is the latter that we shall focus on today.

Korean Fashion is something that is simple and yet intriguing because it is perfectly suitable for people of different age groups and from divers countries around the world but what makes it easy to handle is that size of clothes matters very little in this country.

You have no idea of how popular oversized pullover sweaters are in this nation because ladies enjoy wearing it as they feel due comfort while doing so irrespective of the weather and climate conditions.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no restrictions in the fashion statement that people follow and we shall look at some do’s and don’ts have to be followed when it comes to dresses.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • When you are wearing a modern Hanbok, make sure to buy a plain one with little design as that would look good on your fair features without showing off
  • While travelling in a bus, make sure you offer your seat to a lower gentleman that needs it more than you because there’s no harm for standing for sometime whether you are a boy or girl as youngsters are quite agile and energetic in such things
  • While eating in a café or restaurant, take off your branded shoes and sit cross legged as there are many of them that still adhere to the traditional rules and regulations


  • While sitting in a classroom, never yawn with your mouth open wide as that would signify your rudeness and would have a bad impression on the teachers, especially if they are new
  • While travelling by subway, keep the end seats reserved for senior citizens and pregnant ladies so that they can get a sense of comfort

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Robert loves the sea and dreams of getting a home with a beachfront. He used to be a Data Scientist in a multinational company but left his job to follow his passion for writing.