How To Heal After A Break Up

Written by Robert

This is the essence of an ended relationship. Every breaking up has a definite purpose. Though, the aforementioned situation is too throbbing to bear, this calls for change and growth. More specifically, a rejected person in a defunct relationship can never put blame on whoever it is who initiated it to happen. There are times that the credits of saving the self- identity of both people fall on the one with the courage to speak out. On the contrary, there are also times that the ones who do the breaking up initiation are the ones who lack faith in the relationship. Thus, they are the same people who need space and time to weigh things over. Check westword for similar work.

But let me tell you something folks. No matter what happens within the relationship that makes it sink in devastation, there should be no way to pinpoint on the either way. Nobody gets the blame. Nobody should not and must not blame anybody.

Instead of blaming, why not spend time finding better ways to deal with the problem? Instead of finding faults, why not do the effort of making self worthier to their better half. But the question is how?

How To Heal After A Break Up?


You might consider it understating. You might treat it as a mere part of hypocrisy. But, please don’t. This has a more sense than what you are thinking right now. Let me go down to specifics.

More elaborately, the first thing that you need to do is to deal with the pain. But how? It’s acceptance. Accepting every disaster that happens in life opens up a new and better perspective towards it. Break up has a purpose. Be thankful for it. Not all people are given the notice to change for the betterment of one’s self. Be grateful for your partner’s courage to save you from future predicament caused by inappropriate behavior.

Oftentimes, we see people who hate their ex for hurting their feelings. However, these people might not realize that they feel this way because their ego is assaulted by the harsh words of your past lover. This should not be happening.

As an alternative, deal with all the negative sensations that you can feel in the bottommost part of your heart. Face your anger. Face your fear. Regain your personal identity that had been flawed and blinded with love. Be determined to go on. Never leave any traces of doubt and bewilderment. Be determined enough to overcome all the obstacles along the way. Thus, if doing so is so hard to do; “undercome” it. Acceptance as jived with strong determination is a perfect combo to extinguish all the backfires of break up. You will surely understand once you get there.

Ask yourself. Can you feel that the process made you a better person? Had you gained back your self- worth? Had you changed? How about your ex?

If the answers to these questions are affirmative; well, you both deserve to have a lasting commitment. This is the perfect time to initiate contact again. Whether or not you are the rejected or the break up initiator, learn to swallow your pride. However, never cross the line between dignity and pride. Of course, you can still be a dignified person without being hindered by pride in getting your ex back. It’s possible. Believe me.

In this manner, you can do numerous techniques in winning the love of your life. If you initiated the break up, you need to be offensive in doing things that can let you show your genuine intention of winning her back. Regain your ex’s trust. Assuring him or her that you will never leave him or her in despair is your goal. This is to call the attention of guys. Why? Primarily because, girls seldom do it offensively no matter how liberated and sophisticated they are. They just can’t resist the call of pride as compared to guys.

On the other hand, completely cutting the communication between you and your ex had helped most broken relationships arrive at the realization that losing each other is such a mistake. And that life is never wonderful without the most perfect love that only you can give. More specifically, this technique means no text, no call, no email and no nothing.

To sum it up, doing any of these techniques religiously bears sweet fruit. That’s an assurance.

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Dating is not always about having the person but also about breaking up or leaving the situation because you feel that it is not meant to be this way, you don’t get the vibe, you don’t feel the way you should. So, if this is the situation and its not comfortable for both of you then separation is the way.

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