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How Can You Feel The Symptoms Of Constipation

Written by Robert

Here’s a list of symptoms of constipation provided by so that you can identify your problem at an early stage and get it cured.

  • Hardly doing its bowel movement

I think no one can ever say that he or she never experience to feel that got the feeling that the stool is almost there to go out but cannot because it is hard and painful when you exert the effort to let it go. When you force to let it go you can feel the swollen part of your tract going outside, you can really feel that there is a cut happens while you did your bowel movements. That kind of experience is already a symptom of constipation. 2.

  • Swollen abdomen

you can feel just like your tummy is something expanding and when you push it you can feel something like hard and just like you’re having hard breathing sometimes. It is describing the pain of the abdominal part of your body. It’s just like you are full although you’re not eating yet. In other words, you will experience the undesirable condition of your stomach when you are on constipation.

  • Vomiting

this is one of the symptoms of constipation. When you got a swollen stomach and it will get even worse you will experience vomiting. Your digestive system cannot make the digestion because of the pain that your stomach has, so instead of digesting the food inside you will keep on vomiting. This will make you feel that you’re losing your strength from the tress of your vomits. By vomiting, it will develop a more stressful condition that may result in a headache or a slight fever. While vomiting you will notice that the pain in your stomach is even harder as you vomit. You can use some hot liniment oil as a first aid application to stop vomiting.

  • Obstructed disposal

this is where you can experience that it seems there is a barrier of the stool that’s why it cannot go out quickly. It’s just like there is something falling back inside and when you touch the side of your butt you can feel the amount of stool that is already about to go out but it is hurting you so much when you exert the effort to push them out. These are painful symptoms of constipation. It will even include blood in your stool when you really force yourself to do the bowel movement.

All the symptoms can give everyone the awareness of when are they getting into constipation. The number of days without disposal will be the first counting of symptoms. Be alert to handle such signs so that it cannot go further going to serious symptoms of constipation. There are steps for helping constipation to subside, which are easy and just simple remedies. If you are going to take the steps I don’t think that it will get worsen just like what will possibly happen when it is just ignored.

As per the Doctor’s advice in every research results, don’t simply assume that constipation is just simple constipation only knowing that this condition can easily be resolve by doing the simple remedies. If it will still continue, make a point that you will really visit the Doctor for a check-up. Maybe constipation you got is not just simple constipation because it can possibly be colon cancer. Early detection of cancer is a possibility to make early prevention or medication. Always consider visiting the Doctor for the possibilities especially if your family got a history of cancer; this not to scare anyone but it is just a form of matured information awareness that might help the situation earlier the better.

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