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Written by Robert

You may have heard this a hundred times or perhaps you see the dedicated bodybuilders in the gym with their small notebooks and pens, jotting down their latest lift, making note of the weight, reps, and rest before moving on to the next exercise. What a burden it must look like and carrying a notebook is not as cool as just going to lift. However, if you cannot keep track of what you have done and where you want to go you are going to be stuck lifting the same amount of weight for a long time. Also, there are testosterone supplements that help men increase t-levels naturally but it is important that you track your goals there as well. You will likely plateau and give up altogether. 

Use these 6 Tips to Get Started Tracking your Training and Succeed:

Have a Goal in Mind – A Specific Goal like a Weight and Look

Saying, ‘I want to get big’ is not enough anymore. How big do you want to get? And what kind of big? Do you want to be Bruce Lee big or do you want to be Ronnie Coleman big? Do you want to add an additional 10 lbs of muscle or 25 lbs? You need to sit down and realistically project what you want to look like and what that weight will be. Pick a specific person or persons whose physic you would like to eventually achieve.

Have a Specific Date in Mind for your Weight Goal

The next step after envisioning your future physic and body weight is what timetable you give yourself to get there. Obviously, it will not be overnight but it should not take your entire life to get there. You could give yourself several short-term goals of so many pounds this month or this year and a specific measurement difference in your arms or chest with an end date in mind that is 1 year, 2 years, or even 5 years away.

Never Stop Planning and Setting Weight Training Goals

Once you have an idea of the long-term goal that you want to achieve don’t stop there. Look at where you are and have a plan in mind to maintain your physic or bring it even further along than before once your first long-term goals are complete. Don’t get too caught upon them in the beginning but begin visualizing yourself at that point and during your workouts.

Always Take Note of your Work out and How Far Along you Are

Make no compromise and take note of all of the important details in your workout. It may sound trivial now but it will be incredibly useful to see how you are making results when your self-image may not be able to see the differences in the mirror. You can use those results to take your specific workouts to high levels whether it is more reps, more sets, less rest time, or longer workouts. Even speed and endurance can be noted. Maybe one day your success will allow you to write a book on bodybuilding and fitness.

Remember What Works and Doesn’t

This is another really important benefit to taking notes during and after workouts. Many times people will return to workouts that they do not know how to do are too easy or too hard or that their body does not react well to. If you take note of discomfort beyond muscle strain you will remember that your body is not comfortable doing a particular exercise. Or if you take note of a machine you used incorrectly you can return home and figure out how to do it online or ask a trainer next time. Learning mistakes in working out is very important for long-term success.

Of Course, Don’t Forget to Record the Food you Eat and When

Coming up with a menu and balanced diet is a workout in itself but essential to your success. Even more essential is taking care to record it all. Make note of the ingredients used as well as the calories and protein in the foods you eat. This will give you a better idea of how much you need to intake to meet the goals you have set for yourself. It will also help you remember what foods you might be missing for a more healthy well-rounded body

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