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Get The Most Out Of Your VPN Subscription With These VPN Uses

Written by Robert

People get VPN for different purposes. Some use it for anonymous browsing, some uses it to access websites or internet services that are blocked by their ISP or country, while some use it for fast downloads. In this article, we will discuss some of the things that you can do with a VPN service, like Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Accessing blocked websites and services

Countries and ISPs can restrict access to websites and services on the internet. For example, most western websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are blocked in mainland China. If you are a foreigner temporarily visiting there, it is a good idea to avail the services of a VPN before your trip so that you can still have access to the services that you need or want to use during your visit.

  1. Online shopping when you are abroad

Online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay will automatically adapt to the country that you are visiting. This will be a nuisance if you want to order from your country of origin and have it shipped to your home address. There are a number of circumstances in which ordering while traveling abroad is applicable, like if there is a big sale, or you want to get the item as soon as you return home. By properly timing your order, you can make sure that the order will arrive shortly after you get back home. There are even online stores that allow you to set a date for the order delivery.

This problem can be easily solved with a VPN that will allow you to change your IP address to that of your country. This will allow you to order without being automatically redirected to the country specific version of the online shopping website.

  1. Conceal your internet activities from your ISP

As time passes, Internet Service Providers or ISPs track more and more of their subscriber’s browsing habits. This can be for less nefarious purposes like targeted marketing, in which they will be able to personalize the ads that are shown on your various devices depending on your search history and browsing habits. If you have certain activities that you like to keep private, a VPN will be of great help.

Aside from targeted advertising, there are other things that ISPs can do to your data, which can be worse than targeted ads. ISPs are not restricted in selling your data to third parties, which means that any interested company within the US can purchase your internet browsing information for the right price.

If you want to be safe from every tracking of your ISP, it is important that you get a VPN for each of your devices that you use to connect to the internet and not just your personal computer. Gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other electronics that you use to connect to the internet using your ISPs services.

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