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Fit-Tip of the Day: Snack While You Drive

Written by Robert

Okay, so maybe today’s “fit-tip” is a bit misleading, but hey, I’ve got to get your attention one way or another, right? On the other hand, you did read that correctly; I’m actually encouraging you to snack while you drive. Before we get started though, I feel obliged to send out a quick disclaimer: If you’re a two-hands-on-the-wheel-at-all-times-no-exception kind of driver, this “fit-tip” might not be for you (you’ve come this far though so you might as well keep reading). Anyways, there you have it, my safety clause. Let’s move on.

Now, unless you’re an absolute homebody, don’t own a vehicle, or are too young to drive, there’s a good chance that you spent a decent amount of time in some sort of mode of transportation on a regular basis. Because there never seems to be enough time in a day, being efficient with our time and knowing when and how to do simple things that will make sense in the long haul is extremely important. This is where snacking during the drive comes in.

It’s becoming common knowledge that eating 5-6 proportionate meals spread evenly throughout the day encourages the body to maintain or speed up the metabolism and make the most of consumed nutrients. Yet although the concept is simple, I’ve found that many people simply have a hard time eating this often. When we snack as we drive, it’s an excellent opportunity to take care of some of those sometimes troubling meals during a time when there’s really nothing else to do. The catch of course is what we decide to snack on. Because this is a “fit-tip”, it’s only right that we make these snacks healthy ones. It’s always easy for me to pack a Ziploc of walnuts or munch on an apple, and though both of these are great choices, I usually use my car snacking to take care of those healthy food items that I’m not exactly too thrilled about eating.

For instance, when I’ve got a standard commute ahead of me (say around 30 minutes or so), I take a regular plastic party cup, fill it with raw broccoli, and make it my goal to finish the greens before arriving at my destination. Because my attention is on the road and my broccoli isn’t really my main concern, I’ve found that the motion from my hand grabbing the broccoli and putting it in my mouth sort of goes on a cruise control.

So am I telling you to eat healthy foods that you find nasty while you drive? Sort of, but in a more appealing way. Don’t try and eat anything that will make your drive miserable; just choose snacks that you know are of benefit to you. You also want to pick something that is relatively mess and sticky-free.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some great things to snack on as you drive:

  1. Fruit (your standard apple or banana is great, but mix it up sometime and fill up on a plastic cup of blueberries)
  2. Raw broccoli
  3. Raw carrots
  4. Raw snap peas
  5. Edemame
  6. Whole grain bread
  7. All-natural peanut butter on a spoon (just bring a plastic cup to hold the spoon and peanut butter)
  8. Granola
  9. Walnuts
  10. Mixed nuts

Well, there you have it. Hopefully today’s “fit-tip” encourages you to take hold of precious time in the care as an opportunity to take care of a healthy snack/meal. Make sure to check back routinely for more “fit-tips”. In the mean time, drive safely and eat healthy!

“Wow, that wasn’t too bad.”

“Well good. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If that’s what you’re saying at least.”

“Yeah, I think I can do this one. Quick question though – are you sure Twinkies don’t crack the top ten list?”

“Sorry. But I’ll tell you what. I think I’ve found a way for you to eat that Twinkie.”


“Yeah. Eat healthy for 3,000 miles and then grab one to munch on as a reward while you get your oil changed.”

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Robert loves the sea and dreams of getting a home with a beachfront. He used to be a Data Scientist in a multinational company but left his job to follow his passion for writing.