Explosive Growth of the Medical Marijuana Industry

Written by Robert

 With the rapid growth of the Medical Marijuana Industry and the acknowledgment that patients with medical recommendations for marijuana needed to be supplied with their medicine in a safe and discreet environment – it is no wonder that the industry is experiencing a high demand for legal access points for their product.

As America experiences the “green rush”, the Medical Marijuana industry opens doors to a number of people with sufficient knowledge and diligence to open their own dispensary and make large profits. It’s no joke that the pot business at the moment, is a easy way to make a good fortune – and thousands recognizing this opportunity are rushing to open their own dispensary and make money from this lucrative business.


 The green rush has been turning people’s lives around drastically by making them into quick millionaires. The Medical Marijuana business is the new California’s Gold Rush moment, and it’s by far more extensive than its original. For the explosive growth of Hemp oil, the Ananda hemp reviews should be checked through the customers. The use of the best quality oil is required to meet with the desired expectations. The spending of money is done after checking the quality of hemp oil. It delivers the best results to the people who are using the product. 

As medical cannabis is growing more acceptable and supported by patients, federal authorities and young entrepreneurs, more and more people want to take advantage of this opportunity as the business is in the best shape of its time and is growing constantly. 

Medical marijuana dispensaries are opening their doors all over town – in Los Angeles, Ca alone, they outnumber the locations of Starbucks Coffee Shops (and we have a lot of those here, believe that!)

The lucrative legal marijuana business proves in high figures, that the current markets are ready. By 2016 it is expected that it would boom to over $14 billion, from the current $4 billion already. This is, comparably one billion dollars more than the whole GDP of Jamaica amounts to annually, just from one single market.


Medical Marijuana is recognized as a natural health beneficial plant with little

to no side effects or toxins, that can be produced in one’s own yard. It is not surprising that patients, primarily suffering from chronic pains, continue to turn to medical marijuana health reliefs instead of relying on expensive pharmaceuticals that have many side effects. As more patients recognize the benefits of medical marijuana treatments, the industry will maintain its constant growth. 


The strong medicinal benefit of medical marijuana has managed to compell several states in the U.S. to limit their restrictions on medical marijuana laws, and allow the start of building a legal marijuana dispensary business. To this day , there are 18 states, along with Washington D.C. that have legalized Medical Marijuana under limited usage circumstances.


15 more states have pending proposition to legalize marijuana. This means that in a few years, a majority of the US will likely allow legal marijuana business. In California, there are more than 1,000 registered legal marijuana business establishments all over Los Angeles alone.

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