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Eat To Lose Weight -What should you eat?

Written by Robert

I cant lose weight because I cant stick to a diet. I hear it day in and day out from my patients. Its always the same, Americans are train d by now to think that the only way to lose weight is to starve themselves or to go on some crazy no carb diet, drink only lime juice for a weak or to totally avoid anything made of bread. It all really is crazy and is totally money driven. The whole point of all these crazy diets it green, green money that is.

The day you start a diet is the day you start failing. When I use the term diet I mean those crazy things out there that really dont provide your body the nutrition it needs. Yeah, you can lose a few pounds up front from only drinking lime juice for a week but what are you losing, water weight and some muscle but you really arent losing the fat you want to. You see when you starve your body it actually goes into preservation mode and stores more fat. Your body turns whatever it can in to fat because it is in panic mode. You can prepare a plan for the reduction of the fat from the body. You can buy the fat burners from the best site to have the desired results. The number of benefits are high for the removal of the calories and a fit body. 

The best possible approach to lose that dreaded fat and get the body you want is to eat. Eat 6 small HEALTHY meals per day. I am not saying go out and eat McDonalds 6 times a day. What I am saying is eat 3 appropriate healthy meals of about 500 calories each plus 3 healthy snacks a day. See when you feed your body regularly it actually increases your metabolism and helps to burn the fat. When your body knows it can count on food regularly it doesnt think it needs to store that fat for a later date.

When you couple healthy eating with a good exercise regimen you are destined for success. Exercising 30 minutes a day has lasting health effects. You can lower your blood pressure, decrease stress and anxiety, decrease your

chances of stroke and prostate cancer and just feel better in general. You must do more then just diet to lose weight. You can start by skipping all fast food and cutting down on the soda pop. Did you know 1/3 of all calories consumed in the United States are from pop? Just imagine if you cut out 1/3 of your caloric intake where you would be.

It really doesnt take much to get started. Search “healthy recipes” n the web and you have everything you need to plan your meals. Find a exercise program you will stick with. That could be as simple as a exercise video or any type of home exercise equipment that you will actually enjoy and stick with. Keep it fun, cook what tastes good and enjoy yourself. You will be on your way to great things.

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Robert loves the sea and dreams of getting a home with a beachfront. He used to be a Data Scientist in a multinational company but left his job to follow his passion for writing.