Easy Tips And Guide To Win At AFK Arena Walkthrough!!

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Gaming is an amazing activity that can help you pass your leisure time with great ease. Role-playing video games are really fun where you can escape from all the worries and stress and relish playing a different character. 

Afk arena is an amazing role-playing game launched by Chinese company Lilith games on June 21, 2018. Top gamers are experienced with this game and are known to incredible tips and guidelines that can assist a newbie in getting started with the game and become a pro. Let us closely take a look at all those tips.

Tips & guide to winning at afk arena!

You must have taken a look at different coupons or refund codes provided through different sites, but you might not be familiar with how to deal with it. To attain a snack from the developers, you need to visit player information regarding the character you have chosen in the gameplay and select the settings tab. 

You can there click for the refund code where you can redeem that code symbols and confirm the operations for proper functioning. Let us look into some great rewards offering codes. 

  • Bunnyfufuu: 120 blue soul stones, 1000 diamonds, 100000 gold coins.
  • G8tvkmsed2: 200 crystals
  • Lamwildcat: 150 soul stones, 20000 gold. 
  • Orangejuicegaming:1000 crystals, 100000 gold, and 120 soul stones.
  • Lachlan: 70 soul stones, 10000 gold, and 500 crystals
  • Afkalaunch: 2-hour hourglasses that can be exchanged for gold, 100000 gold coins, and ten scrolls of heroes. 

These are great codes that you can consider to apply in the game to attain snacks from the developer and help make your character stronger. Also, you need to pay consideration to the aspect that codes can get out of use quickly, so it is better to be quick with the use of different coupon codes.  Some codes have a limited time of use, so you cannot wait to apply them when you are free; instead, consider using them right away. 

Ways to level up heroes

In the gameplay, the most important aspect is leveling up your character so that it can be strong enough to defeat your opponent. For doing so, you need to open the heroes tab and select the hero who is willing to level up the game. To level, the hero considers touch and hold the new level button. The amount of gold will also rise with increasing levels of heroes as well as experience points. It is likely to happen when you are not in the game. 

Unlock hero skills

With every 20 levels, heroes would gain new skills to access, and the hero gets at a key level where players need to spend a considerable amount of coins with gold and hero experience. It will be really helpful in approaching a new level with more agility and power when you unlock the skills of hero, and gaming sessions can become even more fun. With every new level reached, a new skill will be added to the skill set of the gaming character. 

How to know the hero deals with magical or physical damage?

It is easy to know whether it is great or not to choose for the character seeing their physical damage or magical damage power. Charcterstictics of the character would assist in knowing their ideal damage. When you choose for the icon that possesses physical damage, all the damage caused by the character would be physical, whether being ordinary or special, in magical type vice versa. 

Hence, these are some of the considerations that you can consider before getting started afk arena game for fun play. It can help you understand the game better and level up your characters and reach out to the pro players.

The final verdict

From the details stated above, we can conclude to the aspect that it would be helpful in learning more about the role-playing game afk arena. It can also be really helpful in passing your leisure time with ease with the fun game; also we have shared common queries related to the game and coupon codes that can help you attain snacks from the developer of the game. We have the necessary details to know more details here, consider visiting the official site. 

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