Easy Bodybuilding Routines for Women

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There was a time when women’s bodybuilding was looked down upon because most people felt a woman would become less feminine as she developed huge and bulky muscles. Much has changed in the perception of women’s bodybuilding, as some have learned that there are some simple bodybuilding exercises for women that allow them to build lean and toned muscles.

According to Wini Linguvi, a fitness expert, who discussed this matter with WebMD, strength training is best done 3 times a week for best results as women do not face the issue of ​​low levels of testosterone like men. People have also become aware of the many health benefits of bodybuilding. Consulting with a professional is the best source in determining a particular workout regimen based upon the body structure and age group of the female.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Exercise

Because men are naturally stronger in their upper bodies than women are, there is a slight difference in the bodybuilding workouts between the two. Another difference is that women are inclined to carry more fat than men do because men have more testosterone, which helps to build muscles. The following are examples of some simple body-building workouts for women.

* Cardiovascular

Because women have weak upper bodies they should include 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise such as aerobics, swimming, bicycling, and treadmill workouts in their body-building exercise regimes. These types of exercises will help burn fat and strengthen the heart muscles.

* Strength Training

Weight training is an excellent method to create female muscle growth in particular with the thigh and hip portions. The following are some easy weight training techniques for women.

Easy Bodybuilding Routines for Women

* Barbell Squats

This exercise works the quadriceps, glutes calves,lower back, and hamstrings. The following squats are more intense than the regular squat and require you to work the largest muscle of your body harder. If the barbell squat is done correctly, they can become a great addition to a workout program. Linguvic recommends doing things like squats and lunges for the legs to avoid the bulk that comes with some other strength training exercises. Here is how to perform:

Begin by positioning the empty on a squat rack to about 3-5 inches lower that what your actual height is. You now position the squatter’s rail to a position where it won’t interfere with the the barbell when you lower into a squat. Place an equal amount of weight on each side of the barbell making sure the plates a secure when finished. You now stand straight under the barbell and put the barbell in contact with your shoulder girdle, make sure the barbell is not placed on your neck. The bar is held in place by your shoulders. In addition, the bar should be placed evenly on your back because you will be lifting more on one side if it is off-centered. Grasp the bar with your hands at a distance of at least two shoulder widths apart. You now use your legs to lift the barbell of the rack and once it is lifted, step back. For a more efficient quadracep contraction, never squat with you feet pointed directly ahead; your feet an knees need to be placed outward a bit. Place your heels at a 1-1.5 block now that the feet and hands are in position, begin to lower the body until the knees are parallel to the floor. Do not let your balance go in the front and remember to keep your back straight to avoid injuries.

  • Bench Press

You may notice people at the gym performing this exercise Incorrectly, which can cause serious injury. The muscles that this particular exercise target are the triceps and the pectoral (chest). When done correctly, after a workout session you may notice that these two muscles are sore. Experts agree that any time you feel pain in the shoulder area when doing this exercise you should stop.

With weight training, it is all about form, which is the number one indicator as to whether someone will fail or succeed in their weight-training program. The following are some tips to make sure you are doing the bench press correctly.

* Use an incline bench. This takes weight off the shoulders.

* Use dumbbells instead of a bar bell-more freedom of movement to stretch the chest area.

* Keep your back flat on the bench and your feet on the ground.

* Remember to inhale on the decline and exhale on the press.

* It is best to start slowly with a lightweight until you learn what it feels like to target the triceps and chest area.

These exercises can yield some amazing results in muscle mass gain if it is done correctly. The following are some other easy weight training exercises women can perform with great and lasting results:

  1. T-Bar Rows or Barbell Rows
  2. The Overhead Barbell Shoulder Press
  3. The Stiff-legged Deadlifts
  4. Barbell Curls


Female muscle growth is especially effective through certain forms of weight training such as the thigh and hip portions. In the thigh and hips, more fat is accumulated and the correct weight training programs are beneficial for toning and losing fat in these areas. Women who are serious about their weight training programs will soon learn that with increased weights over time, muscle development is enhanced. And it is important to note that you do not have to overdo it with strength training because there are simple bodybuilding exercises for women that will yield great results.

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