Dog Fence- Mutt Problem Solved for the Better

Written by Robert

So now we have entered the 8th month of our lockdown period while the corona virus shows no signs of slowing down and has greatly affected the work of many employees due to which many of them have lost their jobs while those fortunate enough to work from home are finding it hard to do so.

Here it is important to mention that while human beings are battling it out to make ends meet in such an existential crisis, the pets too are having a hard time as they are not getting much to do while being confined to their kennel.

Nevertheless, dogs are the best form of pets one can get and it is important to keep them happy as they are like an additional member added to the brood that provide unlimited entertainment to kids and loyally do the household chores that they are allotted, not to mention buying grocery items from the local store.

Every Dog Has Its Day

While mankind is grappling with numerous health issues, dogs are more prone to such matters especially now as the winter season is just around the corner due to which they need to be extra cared for.

As the old saying goes ‘every dog has its day’ there are times when dogs do get to have the time of their lives and none better than to provide them a safe haven that they deserve after being welcomed into a new family.

When it comes to safe haven, a kennel is an excellent option but if the surrounding area is fenced up then that would become an added bonus into the mixture because the dog has to be kept safe from harm.

Dog fencing is the first step to give your pet the safety that it desperately needs because it is not aware of the dangers in the society, which by the way its poor street counterparts fall victim to on a regular basis by getting killed in road accidents.

The powerful fence is a piece of art that would prevent anything of the sort from happening and at the same time, provide an adequate space on which it can walk around during leisure time.

Fencing Kit

A fence acts as a strong barrier of protection where the dog can keep the entire yard for itself and at the same time, not get bored of staying put in one place, which by the way is impossible for any animal to do.

When you need a fencing kit to manage things out, it doesn’t mean that you buy a toolbox of metallic instruments and start constructing the fence on your own but it refers to the different types of fences available that we shall look into that can provide protection to the mutts.

Best Option

Being the house owner, it is your duty to decide which fence is going to suit best for your dog depending on its breed and size and if you have little idea on where to begin, you can always log on to that would give you relevant info about the fences that can be taken into consideration.

The types of fences are as follows:

  • Chain Fence-

It is the traditional fencing method that requires professional fencing experts as they are quite adequate in constructing a strong one by simply taking in the yard measurements and it is very useful for ferocious dogs that lunge at anyone or thing that they take a dislike to and the breed that fall into this category are Great Dane, Irish wolfhound, German shepherd, St. Bernard, etc.

  • Electronic Fence-

It is also called invisible fencing as the dogs have a transmitter attached to their collar that is connected to an electric wire buried deep within the ground. Now this can be dangerous as it involves shock therapy to keep the dogs within the confines of the property that can be harmful to their health and hence, they need to be specifically trained to know at exactly which spot the wire is buried so as to prevent any mishap

  • Plastic Fence-

This fence is mostly for smaller breed of dogs like Pomeranian, Beagle, Chihuahua, French poodle, Dachshund, etc. as they won’t throw tantrums

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