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Does Slim Fast Work – Learn about the working

Written by Robert

Slim Fast has been a popular liquid meal replacement program for the past two decades. The concept is really pretty simple. Replace one or two meals with a Slim Fast shake, supplement with Slim Fast snack bars, add one or two healthy meals, and exercise. Does Slim Fast work? According to a study conducted by the North American Association for the Study of Obesity in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in October 2003, those who followed the Slim Fast plan were able to lose weight and keep it off, as much as 33 pounds thinner over a 10 year period, than those who did not use Slim Fast products. Research continues to indicate that people who use Slim Fast can lose weight and actually keep it off. The working of the dbal supplement is the best one according to the needs of the people. There is reduction in weight as per the need and requirement of the people. You will get the desired results to maintain good health and fit body. 

When someone asks, “Does Slim Fast work?”, they generally are looking for the “catch”, the “exception”, and/or the “gimmick.” Is there one? Those who shake their heads at the idea that a liquid meal replacement program can help someone lose weight usually make one important point. They state that while participants may indeed lose weight while drinking Slim Fast, as soon as those participants return to a diet of regular foods, the weight will begin.

Is this true? The answer to that question lies in the habits and diet of the participants. If, once they quit using Slim Fast, they feast on a diet of fatty foods, sugar-filled desserts, and other calorie-loaded meals, then they will probably put the weight back on fairly quickly. However, if they continue to eat healthy, low-fat foods and exercise regularly, they should still be able to maintain their optimum weight.

Those who don’t favor the Slim Fast program often pointed out concerns with the high sugar content that might be found in the shakes and snacks. To answer that concern, the company introduced their Slim Fast Optima products that feature low sugar shakes and snacks that are still supposedly quite tasty.

Those who’ve lost weight on Slim Fast recommend it highly. With Slim Fast meal plans and suggestions available for dieters, the road to weight loss seems pretty effortless. The concept “shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, and a sensible dinner” is often the ritual these dieters follow…many finding success with this method. A sensible dinner usually means a healthy meal that includes meat, vegetables, and a serving of fruit.

However, naysayers of this diet aid point out that the typical shake is loaded with milk and sugar, as well as lots of carbs. Also, sticking to a shake at breakfast and lunch gives you a very low caloric intake. The combination of high levels of sugar and very low levels of fiber can wreak havoc on your blood sugar level as well.

Those who are able to stick to the program and lose weight often find that they have to eat healthy foods, like small servings of vegetables and lean meats, along with drinking the Slim Fast shakes.

Will you lose weight on Slim Fast? Since research has shown that weight loss is certainly possible, then you may very well find success with this diet product. However, keep in mind that you may need to supplement the shakes with healthy foods as well in order to stay on the program, feel good, and lose weight.

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