Clanwarz Gaming Servers Technology – How To Take The Benefit!!

Written by Robert

Our Servers were purchased through Dell and are top notch for the gaming world. Running Red Hat Linux 8.0 and Dual Xeon 2.8ghz Processors we know you’ll game like you never have before. What’s that? Your not a gamer? Were just hosting your site?? Well have no fear Western Digital is here! We run Western Digital hard drives with 8mb buffers on them to insure that you have plenty of space and less time consumption. Not to mention the 2gb of Crucial PC2100 ram in there to keep things up to par. Worried about ease of uploading to your web server?

Worried about creating a custom email account? Well we’ve brought on Plesk to take care of that problem. Plesk is a web based control panel which will allow you to customize your very own mailboxes, file management, database management and so many other things it would take an entire page to give you all the details. But for now you can find more information at the following link. Our servers are plugged into a major backbone which are located in Dallas, TX. Perfect for that beautiful ping you are looking for. Whether your uploading things to your web server or fragging away on your favorite video game, we know that you will have the best time doing either.

This is the program we use to add mods, config files and osp to your games. This can be modified however you like. Here is where you access and modify your files. The only files or command line which is not allowed to be modified, is the maxclients line. This is preset with your order. With today’s High-Tech gaming communities there is much in demand from providers. These things include the lowest ping possible, smooth servers, and even smoother options. We use a program by the name of Putty. Putty allows the user to shut down the server as well as restart it. This allows the user full control over the server without the need for tech support or frustration. With the easy to read tutorial found on the forums or for download learning how to restart your server will come to you with ease.

Our programmers are designing a new server-side control panel which will take the place of putty and ftp. This program will be user friendly – to even children controlling there clan servers. It will also allow the multi-gamer server operator, the joy of handling all accounts from a single screen. Thus eliminating multiple programs, for different games. You want to talk about cutting edge? How about gamers hosting for gamers. Some gaming companies do not actually game. However everybody here does. For many of us here we use gaming as an escape from the real world. Hence your Game Names. For gamers gaming is an alternate world and only gamers understand that. For others its like a marriage. From the lag to the mint servers, till Headshot do we part. SSh access is a great tool for game servers. With your SSH access you can stop, start, and restart and unban your gamer servers. This means you do not always need an admin to help you when your server crashes.

This is very useful and we recommend you all learn to use it. No more waiting for the owner of the server to reboot for you as you have to do on a windows server. You have complete control. If a person wants to take the advantage of online games, then the purchasing of the right products is there. For the playing of online games, the instructions mentioned here should be followed through the gamers. The use of the right technology is there while playing online games with comfort and convenience. 


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