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Building Sales Funnels Using Social Media

Written by Robert

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There you are, someone had to say it! You can build sales funnels using social media. That is not say that when we enter the party we are going to put our stall out, it is a reflection of our reality. Without trying too hard, we have more traffic coming from our efforts in social media that MSN, Yahoo and in fact all the search engines combined other than Google. Google is still by far the largest driver of traffic to our site, but Twitter has had a big impact.

A few months ago we decided to do something about it. Right now we have over 100 subscribers to Building Sales Funnels using Social Media which we are adding to every month. We have had comments back from people that have recommended it to others and even some that have said that it has changed their lives, giving new meaning and purpose to social media and so it should be. It has to us, in practice, too. The building of the sales is effective at social site network with the hiring of Voy Media Youtube Marketing Agency. The meaning of the terms is made clear to the audience. The allotment of the time and efforts at the platform are great to have the benefits. The rankings of the agencies can be checked to get the best services. 

The first edition is free and you can get your copy here:, you can apply for it online. The first issue contains 31 power packed actions steps, it should take no longer than three hours to work through and it is designed as a news book and includes up to date news including the big news from ComScore who declared that in December 2008, 79.8% of the UK online population visited Social Media sites, that is some 29m++ people. No wonder we get more traffic from Social Media.

So we have written out our system and put it all down in writing for you to enjoy, with practical exercises to focus Social Media on your business we have laid it all out for you. Now, if you are asking why we would do this – the answer is simple – we do not want you to miss out. When you have worked out what you need to do and have made it work for your business, we can take you places…

Issue two is due out imminently and a number of part stories without the action steps are about to be published in a range of places across a range of social media, from videos to articles. Everything we recommend, you will notice, we do for ourselves too. So we can say, our recommendations are truly tried and test. As seen on TV!

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