Beware Of The Signs Of A Marriage In Crisis

Written by Robert

It may be normal to have arguments every now and then, but are you showing any more signs of marriage in crisis? The sooner you become aware of the problem is the earlier you can prevent it from getting worse. Here then, are the sure fire signs your marriage may be in crisis.

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Do you dislike spending time together?

Remember when it seems you cannot get enough of each other and feel the need to always be near? If that was a long time ago, then your marriage may be headed for trouble. Rather than spending time together, you may avoid even the sight of each other. If you go out only when necessary, either among the company of other married friends, family events or around your children, then you are clearly in crisis.

Do you resent your spouse?

Resentment is such a strong and negative feeling to have against your spouse. If either you or your spouse feels this way, there are some serious problems you have to face. Do not wait until the sentiment becomes too overwhelming to beat. By that time, it may be too late to resolve your marriage in crisis.

At times, it is normal to feel that you do not like your significant other probably for something he or she forgot to do. But if you are losing interest for good and you are beginning to dislike him or her for no apparent reason, then it is due time you have the talk and start working on your relationship.

Do you no longer feel intimate?

One common problem among spouses is the lack of intimacy. It should never stop at marriage. In fact, you must work on it more often.

It is not just about having sex. Some couples may have it often but real intimacy may still be lacking. Do you still kiss, hug or cuddle? Do you still share these intimate and tender moments? If it has been such a long time, you seriously need to work on the romance department and start addressing the underlying issues too.

Do you feel there is a big barrier between you two?

When was the last time you talked about things other than bills, kids and obligations around the house? Or do you still talk at all? If you are talking, is it the same way you used to? Or do you do more arguing than communicating?

An open and safe communication is one of the most important aspects of a healthy marriage. Bring down that wall and crush it to pieces. Reconnect in a personal and intimate level. Make an effort to do so before it is too late.

Do you act more like roommates than teammates?

Roommates are fun but in a marriage, it spells nothing less than trouble. Teammates work together. You make plans together and make them a reality together. It is perfectly alright to make plans separately from time to time. But if it becomes more often and you seriously have no regard for your spouse, then it is as bad as living separate lives. Work on it right away.

Do you see your house no longer a home?

Happy and fulfilled couples find comfort in each other’s arms. But if you would rather seek someone else for your emotional or physical needs, that is trouble right there.

If you have said yes to one too many of the above questions, you may be in trouble. But that does not mean your marriage is hopeless. In fact, this should serve as your wake-up call. Take action and fix what needs to be fixed to save your marriage in crisis.

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