Best Home Businesses To Start

Written by Robert

The Best Home Businesses To Start?

OK, I am a bit prejudiced. But I do truly believe that one of the best home businesses to start is right here, looking back at you. It is some style of online home business that you can find here.

I can speak pretty confidently because I know literally hundreds of successful home-based entrepreneurs who use the internet, either as their sole business or as an extension of a land-based business

So What Is “Success” In-Home Businesses?

Let’s put it this way. If you were a home-based CPA accustomed to earning $100,000 a year or more, you could extend your client base around the world. With that kind of client pool, how much could you make?

Or if you were work at home mom (WAHM) with limited time, BUT you could earn $500 to $1,000 a month part-time, would that interest you?

If you were an artist who sold primarily via art fairs, which are very seasonal and very geographical limiting, what would it be worth to be able to extend your reach globally, and do it every single day of the year?

Or a retired person, or semi so, who wanted to earn a few hundred or more each month using the knowledge you already possess, would you be interested?

While an online business is one of the best home businesses to start, this type of home business doesn’t guarantee millions. Or even thousands. The Get Rich Quick Gurus do get rich, but you don’t. Let’s look at this home business idea realistically. What an online business opportunity does is give you the opportunity to earn some decent money while you are doing what you enjoy, and what you already know.

And that ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at.

“The Best Home Businesses To Start May Be Online, But I’ve Never Been There”

Not to worry. Starting a home online business doesn’t require extensive skills. You will need to be able to type reasonably well, perhaps 30-40 words a minute, because you will be writing a lot. (Note: A program like Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an excellent alternative to fast typing.) And you will need to know basic internet operation, like how to use Google to search for some information.

Everything else is learnable. I pretty much go nuts trying to explain how it all works, so take a look at this mini summary:

If it looks overwhelming, not to worry. There really is lots of help along the way. And it is step by step, not a plunge into the deep end. And to get an idea of what kinds of sites SBI-ers have created, take a look at some of the best home businesses to start, right there in SBI’s honor listing. There are some pretty technical topics, like working in the international financial markets, and some pretty non-techie stuff, like kid’s birthday parties. And they are all successful, by any measure.

Aren’t There Any Great Home Businesses To Start That Aren’t Online Businesses?

Sure there are. Lots of them. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of really great business ideas for home. Your best bet is to sit down and really brainstorm what your interests are. That is where you will find your best business.

There is everything from child care to tutoring to party planning to alterations to catering to public relations to dog sitting to you name it. If it can be a business, it can probably be a home business, and it may even be one of the best home businesses to start.

With all of many, many options, the hardest part really is tying down an idea that can make money within the time frame that you have available. Turn your home business search into a treasure hunt and you will find the one that is best for you.

“Do I Need A Business Plan For A Home Based Business?”

Not necessarily. Most entrepreneurs prefer writing the kind of business plan that is for them alone, one that sets out options and reviews marketing, etc. That is the “pencil” type. Scratch. Erase, Rub out. Rewrite. Cross out. Do whatever you want because you are the only one who will ever see it.

Should yours be a more sophisticated home business, and you need outside financing, then yes, definitely you will want to create a strong “investor” style business plan. You will find a bunch of them in our business plan library. If nothing seems to fit, go with the Basic Business Plan — you can adapt it for most businesses.

For other ideas, do see the articles listed below. The very best home businesses to start are just minutes away.

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