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4 Most Popular Supplements Taken And Suggested By Health Experts

Written by Robert

Food is the source of all the nutrients and micro-nutrients that the body requires. This is the reason why one should have a balanced diet that comprises of all food groups. At times, it is possible that even after having a balanced diet, there arises a deficiency in the body. This can be due to some illness, age, slow metabolism, etc. this can happen to anyone, but having any deficiency for a longer period can be harmful to the body. It can cause another form of the disease and can make one weak and frail. This is where supplements come into the scene. These supplements are small capsules that can impart nutritional value to the body, alongside food. Few supplement types which stand to be the most common are discussed below. Learn more about these from metro times.


Ne must have heard of probiotics. They are good bacteria that are found in the gut lining. To supplement the population of these bacteria in the gut lining, one can take probiotic supplements. These are found in various forms, varying from capsules to power to drinks.

Probiotics are highly effective in making the gut healthy and in increasing the nutritional absorption by the cells. It also helps in balancing the hormones and in boosting immunity.

Fish oil

Fish is healthy and, having oil fishes can make the brain and heart-healthy. This is because; these fishes are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. But, not everybody likes to have fish and include it in their regular diet. Therefore, to enhance the omega-3 fatty acid concentration in the body, one can take fish oil supplements.

These supplements are also rich in DHA and EPA, which cannot produce independently and, thus, need to be consumed through food sources.


When it comes to having supplements for those who are athletes or are planning to lose weight, a protein supplement is the first that comes to mind. Protein is the building of the cells and helps in losing fat and building muscle mass. Protein helps in reducing hunger and in increasing the stamina to workout.

Protein supplements are the most common in the group and are found in various types, ranging from powder to capsules. One can also find animal-based protein like whey protein or plant-based protein supplements.

Vitamin D

Lastly, the most common supplement taken by many is vitamin D. It is one of the most common vitamins that show a deficiency in the urban population, all thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and lack of sunlight. Vitamin D is crucial as an essential micronutrient that helps in making muscles and bones stronger.

Vitamin D supplementation becomes quite a necessity during the winter months, as people tend to stay indoors away from the sun.

Supplements are crucial if one wants to lead a healthy life without any deficiency. As people are leading busy lives, it is common for them to have a balanced diet. And this can have some serious health implications. Therefore, one should talk to their doctor and get the needed supplements for a healthy and balanced life.

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