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Some Of The Best Devices Used For Removing The Hair At Home

The result of Laser hair removal stays for a long time because the devices used by the people are perfect. Laser hair removal has become a popular process because nobody wants to have extra hair on the face or any other body part. The home devices are of less power compared to the clinics, but the home appliances are also very effective if the person uses them regularly.

The targeted laser consumes or uses very high heat to destroy every here and stop the follicles from working as well. Therefore, IT results in a gradual reduction of the hair over the weeks and months. It is a fact that using various types of laser hair removal devices is much more convenient and cheaper than taking the treatment at the clinic. Moreover, the device does not harm any part of the body.

But the person should always read all the instructions given on the box so that they can use the device in that way. Below mentioned are some of the devices used for removing hair at home.

  • Hair Removal Laser 4x

It is a hair removal device that people use to remove their hair. This device uses very efficient diode lasers. According to the legends, it is one of the same technologies that many clinics’ doctors are using. This point makes this device one of the most effective devices in the entire market. After knowing great people do not feel any hesitation in using get.

One of the other good things about this device is that it has a LED screen that helps guide the treatment, and it also shows the battery life of the device. In addition, this device can scan the skin and the hair tone of the person, and after scanning, it unlocks it if it is safe to use. The Other good part related to this device is that it chooses very safe settings for everybody.

  • Skin Infinity Hair Removal Device

This device is very small and portable, which gives it an easy Hold and is used to the person. People like to prefer using this device as they can carry it anywhere and remove their hair when necessary. One of the best parts of this device is that it comes with a free app. It helps the posts schedule their treatment for the most efficient and effective hair removal for a long time. 

The head of this device is a little bit big. But, overall, it is also a very good device to remove hair.

  • Laser Hair Removal Device

This type of laser hair removal device is very affordable, and it also comes with a lightweight option. This device is among the few models that give safety goggles so that the person can protect their eyes from the bright light that comes out of the device. This device usually relies on the person who judges the right setting for their hair and skin type. One should always use the device with full care so that it does not increase the risk of damage to the skin’s burn.

  • Hair Removal Laser Precision

This is the second product, which comes in the list and uses the diode laser. This type of device usually targets the smaller areas of the body part. Main let the people are using this device to remove the hair of the face and underarms. According to the people, it is a very good product as they can remove their facial hair when necessary as they need to go to some party or occasion.

One of the best things about this product is that it uses diode Laser technology which is very easy to hold. Therefore, a large section of the people uses this device because it is a very good product and has given good results.

  • Smooth Skin

This is the device that measures the skin tone for safety purposes when the person is using it. This device has very gentle settings for use on very sensitive areas of the body. This device has half 60 pulses per minute. The meaning of the following line is that it is very fast than other devices, but sometimes it gets overheated when it is in use. The good things about this product are that it has a very good range of settings and it can be used very quickly.

This device does not have an LED light. The smooth skin gold can be used at every body part as they do not restrict a person to using it at the particular parts of the body. The Demand for this device has increased rapidly in the market because it is a very good product. To conclude with these are some of the home devices used by people to remove their hair.

Fat loss Guide Health Weight Loss

The Best Method For Fatty Substances And The Control Loss

Tired of this extra body fat?

Discouraged by the results of most all the programs of diet? Caught in the fight endless with weight loss? Looking for a comprehensive and practical weight reduction program? You want to know how to remove grease? There is a way to eliminate fat, lose weight and effective diet which is natural, healthy and leads to permanent weight loss. No diet regime cannot produce sustainable results unless it incorporates most of the elements involved in weight loss. This includes: 1. exercise 2. 3 Consumed food types. Quantities consumed food.This is not rocket science.Le world had long weight loss summarizes of diet and exercise.

You should get the details about the Safe nootropics supplements for the reduction in the weight as per the needs and requirements. There are no side-effects available on the health of the individuals after the consumption of the supplements. You can purchase them to have a pleasant experience. 

Everything that is there is nonsense mainly, temporary in force or just plain useless. You may not obese but you’re probably part of the weight class. 70% of all the countries of overweight us… This is more 210,000,000 people. The rest of the world is relatively narrow, arriving at approximately 60 percent of overweight people.Plans that lead to significant loss of weight in a short time involve generally decreased FAT is not at all on this type of weight loss “burst”.Bande water retention. Most diets actually do you gain weight after your initial weight loss.

These schemes can be performed for several months as strip that FAT and do not lead to close to the same amount of weight loss. With Strip that FAT you can lose up to 2 pounds of PURE FAT every week and you will be supplied with solutions in the short term and long term weight loss regime! Becomes healthier by dieter most silhouette.A weight loss program that focuses on the reduction of fat, as is the case with Strip that FAT, is the safer, healthier alternative for most diet programs there .what happens when you finally find and use a diet and weight loss program that permanently solves your problems of weight? What better gift to give a family member or friend who you know has been fighting a weight problem and has not yet find a plan that works? Strip that FAT answers to these questions and many more still.

There is no better time than right now to begin a journey of good standing with a band that gets out of body fat and retains grease program weight loss. Meanwhile only extends the result that leads to a healthier and happier life. You’re ready to reduce this body fat? It is time for a size of Hedges and smaller pants or dress size?You see for yourself by taking advantage of the normal process of body to lose weight?Here’s what one user strip that FAT had to say: “I want to just send a note faster and thank you guys .j ‘ was are you most struggling with depression for as long as I can remember.”It was only a few weeks, but I have already lost some weight and keep it effectively.”I have been on countless amounts of meds and tested many types of diets, but nothing does helped as much as the program band FAT.Vous have changed my life!” – Lisa Knoll, Manchester, UK is the time to join the crowd thinner, healthier, happier once and for all.


An Overview Of Luxury Items And Is it a necessity to buy luxury items?

Buying a luxury handbag is not surprising for many. While the appeal of luxury items is undeniable, the leather is smooth, and the logo eye-catching, the price can be daunting. Unless you have a good, high-paying job or have acquired great personal savings habits, purchasing luxury consumer goods can be expensive. You can read this article to know what luxury items are and do people buy them.

What are luxury items?

A luxury item is not essential to life, but it is considered highly sought-after within a civilization or society. The demand for luxury items increases as a person’s wealth or income rises. As a general rule of thumb, the more prominent the percentage elevates in revenue, the higher the percentage gain in luxury goods purchases.

Since luxury items are costly, wealthy people disproportionately consume luxury items. Those not wealthy do not buy luxury items as a higher percentage of their income is used for living needs-based expenses. Luxury goods are considered gross consumption, that is, buying goods mainly or exclusively to display wealth.

Why do people buy luxury items?

Customers buy branded products for many reasons, from brand loyalty to the desire to integrate into society or convey a particular image.

  • Quality 

Over time, customers develop reliability and trust in labels that consistently deliver high-quality products and experiences. Essentially, they are emotionally attached to them, leading them to spend more on your products and assistance.

  • Self-assurance

In addition, some people invest in high items hoping that they will give good quality and experience. You buy a new high-end laptop in the hope that it will perform efficiently. You purchase handbags, watches, and other luxury items, hoping that they will last for numerous years.

  • Authenticity 

Another reason individuals are more willing to pay the price for genuine products is that counterfeit products just will not cut them, regardless of what appears to be identical. The thought or feeling that accompanies the purchase of authentic luxury goods is one of the reasons we seek authenticity.

  • Social recognition

While it may seem absurd, people also tend to buy labels because they believe that these luxury goods contribute to more prominent social acceptance and allow them to integrate into society and trends. Much is true in fashion.

Is it worth buying luxury items?

While they come with a high price tag, their essence, cost of production, and brand equity, to name a few. They are also often made in limited numbers making them more attractive to those who can purchase them.

  • Quality

High-quality materials are used in branded clothing, watches, and bags to ensure their durability and durability.

  • Brand equity

In addition to materials and labor, you also pay for the brand name and reputation. Therefore, it is not improbable to find branded stocks that are significantly more expensive than other products in the same range.

It’s not hard to see why people get excited about buying luxury items – they have a sense of prestige and quality associated with them, and they allow generating profits. Luxury brands require a lot for their goods because there is already a demand for them.

Beauty Guide Med Spa Skin Care

Want To Make Skin Tight? Take Help from Med Spa Service

Everyone likes to make their skin tight, but wrinkles appear due to age, making our skin loose and full of pores. With this, you need to take help from facial medical services without any operation. So, it is evident that you need to find the best services that can help you provide the traditional methods. Through all these aspects, you need significant research that can help you in choosing the best one.  Some Med Spa center always believes that using original medical visual process is impressive and gives the risk free-result. However, you can find more info on several search engine platforms about the treatment if you want. 

Thus, in the given content we are going to discuss some high technology beauty treatment which helps you in making the skin tightening. Of course, it is not essential that everyone always need the services of these spa centers. But sometimes, they usually need help in different aspects of their skin.

Facelift or Ultra-Lift

Aging is that aspect in which the collagen naturally shatters down over the years. Through this, a person will get less elastic and weaker skin. However, with this, our skin looks fattier, saggy, and droopy. With the help of non-surgical facelift treatments, the med spa services provide the lift in your skin without any incisions and cuts. Instead, they use ultrasonic waves to increase the production of collagen in the skin. However, it will also be helpful in repairing the damages to the skin and makes it tighter without wasting any time.  The Ultra-Lift works well on the face and neck. Moreover, it will also reduce the wrinkles and pores from the skin and gives a shiny look.

How does it work?

  • It produces the ultrasound wave to tone and lift the skin. The process must be reached to the deep of the skin and target the facelift without any disruption and cut in any surface of the skin.
  • This process works nicely as it delivers that ultrasound energy into the skin. Well, it may not stop the aging process, but it gives a younger look that everyone notices it.
  • However, you will also see the improvement on the spot, and for the full result, you have to wait for few weeks as the collagen takes time to grow.
  • Sometimes it will also be helpful in making the wrinkles and fine lines smooth which form around the eye area. However, as per the result, it will also be helpful in lifting the brows and make the jawline slim with V-line to contour the face. 
  • It can also use in other treatments like dermal filler, laser rejuvenation, and anti-wrinkle injection.  

So, this is all the information about Ultra-Lift, the non-surgical facelifting treatment which also helps in making the skin tightening. For taking the treatment, it is essential for you to find the best services provided that can help you is making your skin tight and lift the face to look younger. 

Cool Sculpting Guide Health and Fitness Weight Loss

More About The Smoothest Way of Removing Targeted Fat From The Body

Fat loss is a struggle for almost everyone, at least up till a certain point when they are clueless about how it has to be done. But even after trying out every technique that you could think of, there is some stubborn fat in some areas of the body that is just not ready to detach itself. In such cases, you need to resort to other options, possibly the ones through anuaesthetics.

What is Cool Sculpting?

Since technology has advanced so immensely, it is almost impossible that there would be no treatment for stubborn body fat. Lucky for us, there are plenty of them, and we are given the option to choose between them and pick the best one for ourselves. Before doing that, you need to be well aware of the consequences, symptoms, and everything else related to the treatment. Keep reading to know more about the different options that you have.

Starting with cool sculpting first, this method relies completely on the concept of fat freezing, and it isn’t a surgery of any sort. There are no needles involved and no complex theories to explain the procedure of the method. It is a simple that is based wholly on the fat freezing concept that helps you get rid of the extra, stubborn fat around your body without damaging any tissues or cells within the body. 

Scientists came up with this concept when they decided to study what happens to the fat in the body during the case of frostbite, and they were amazed by the results. This method was approved in 2010 and it is being used on a lot of people who wish to get rid of the extra fat. It is a simple concept to comprehend, fat freezes at a higher temperature as compared to the skin around the body. If you turn to that temperature, it will freeze the fat that will eventually fall off and get destroyed.

What is Liposuction?

After understanding what exactly happens during cool sculpting, let us move on to another effortless and painless method that is called liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure (not like CoolSculpting) that targets fat from just certain parts of the body and not all around it. Liposuction can help vanish fat from your thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, etc. and it does so with utmost perfection. Liposuction makes use of a suction technique (as the name suggests) to get rid of the extra fat that is not required around the body. Although, from experiences that others have gone through, liposuction isn’t a bulletproof method for weight loss. If you are overweight and you need to let go of some of your body weight, liposuction is not the method you should rely on because it can’t help you with that. Liposuction is usually done by those who want a targeted area’s fat to vanish and not overall weight loss.

A comparison:

Both the methods are great in their way, you need to know why you need it and which method will help you fulfill your needs.

Business Business Finance Finance Guide

Learning About Binary Options Trading

Not even the Best forex broker will claim that he is good at predicting the rise and fall of the market in a certain time frame, he can reap really good profits from the binary market. The risk is very low in binary options because the trader knows beforehand how much he is going to earn or how much he is going to lose. This makes the trading decisions less ambiguous and you can choose binary options that suit your needs and manage the risk accordingly.

It is best to first follow some financial journals that will help you choose the best brokers. Best broker means the one who suits your investment needs properly and gives the highest payouts. For example, there could be one brokerage house that offers an 81% payout with a minimum $100 deposit while some other brokerage house may be giving the same payout at a $200 minimum deposit. So the financial journal can help you choose the most profitable option.

It is common among beginners to choose the basic ‘binary’ or ‘vanilla’ option to start with. When they sign up for their account the broker provides them with an online trading platform. The trading platform will display the current prices of different assets and you would need to predict whether their value will rise or fall within the specific time frame. ‘Call’ and ‘put’, are the two buttons on the platform which help you to make your prediction final. 

‘Call’ is used when the trader feels that the value of the asset will rise and ‘put’ is used when the value of the asset is predicted to fall. The trader has to keep a tap of the time limits of the trades. After the trade’s time limit completes, the result will be known whether the trader has earned money or lost. Once you pick a ‘call’ or ‘put’ then you cannot leave the trade-in between until the time expires. It can often be an anxious situation if the trader has invested more money than what he can afford to lose.

Touch binaries are those which payout when they touch a specific level before the trade time expires. In these binaries, there is only one price or level and you can choose between ‘touch’ or ‘no touch’ depending on whether you think the asset price will reach that level or not. You will win only when the trade reaches the specified level, otherwise, you will lose the bet.

Different brokers offer different trading assets. Currency, commodities, or stocks, anything could be traded as binary options. There is a list of more than 50 popular and registered stocks from which you have to choose your binary options. For example, Apple and Microsoft stocks can be chosen from the list to trade as assets. The list of assets offered by your broker is available on the trading platform provided by him. There you can view and choose from the menu of assets. Good knowledge about the past performance of assets is beneficial while trading.

Bodybuilding Guide Health

Healthy Way To Lose Weight Fast – Know about the healthy ways

Determining the most appropriate means to lose weight fast is a big fight for a lot of us, mainly because the fastest means to shed weight differs for most persons. Really, the popular means to lose weight is through adequate exercising and healthy dieting which will not just help in fat loss but also aid to keep your system healthy. I believe you must have heard about using dieting and exercising to lose weight, with the guides I laid down below you can make these methods achievable. Below are the best diet to lose weight fast.

You can check the healthy ways for the consumption of the Best quality natural testosterone boosters. There is a need to take advice from the experts to get the desired results on the health. The achievement of the goals is possible for the people to have a lean and healthy body with the ways.

  • Start by laying little and naturalistic targets. If there is too much pounds to shed, attempt to lose 5 pounds, first. Rest for sometime and aim for another 5 pounds.
  • Commence a standard exercise program and hold onto it till you lose your desired pounds.
  • Engage in an additional exercise coupled with your standard exercise program which you are currently doing. When you want to park your car at the parking lot, choose to park at a place very far from where you are going and use your legs to trek. If you have two options to go up a storey building, which are the stairs and elevator, choose to use the stairs.
  • Salubrious foods are an essential component of shedding weight. Consume salubrious foods from olive oil, nuts, seeds and high content fiber foods like full grain pastas and veggie salads. It is a very good way to lose weight fast.
  • Select the type of foods you prefer. You need to master to cook low-calorie and salubrious foods that taste delicious by consulting cookbooks for good recipes. Eating properly does not entail you should eat dullish.

  • Consume little, more regular meals. Through this means, your system will start to enhance its body metabolism so that calories are melted quicker. You should also note that smaller meals can hinder excessive eating.
  • Make plans in advance. You need to keep your refrigerator packed with salubrious food so it will make it hard for you to run into high-fat junk food and high-calorie foods.
  • Fix your preferred snack time and be certain to posses enough salubrious snack choices accessible when you become starved.
  • You need to have a food journal. It will aid you to spot areas to enhance your diet.
  • You can lose weight fast with a pal or link up with a support group.
  • Keep off from hawking machines by moving with your own salubrious foods and putting down pocket change in your house.
  • Attempt oatmeal in place of cornflakes. The reason is because the intake of oatmeal can assist in lowering cholesterol levels and its high content of fiber will make you satisfied for a long time.
Appliances Electronics Gadgets Guide Shopping and Product Reviews

The Revolution In Grooming Industry: Electric Shavers

As it is said first impression is the last impression and in this the personality of individual matters. The way individual presents themselves shows their personality. And to maintain this personality grooming becomes important.

A well-groomed individual is always welcomed by society, and the product that brought a storm in the grooming industry with its arrival is the electric shaves. These shavers are lightweight, compact, water and shook proof which makes them the first choice product for individuals to trim their beard, adjust their beard neckline and even shave their back.

 The Difference Between An Electric Shaver And A Regular Razor

The purpose of both a razor and electric shaver is the same i.e. act as a tool for grooming, but the working principle and functionality of both the products are completely different. Razor mainly constitutes a handgrip and a blade and is used for executing a clean shave. A razor requires additional accessories like shaving creams and gels to execute a clean shave.

Whereas an electric shaver is one complete product that does not need any additional accessories. They are mainly used for trimming and to maintain a particular length of the hair or beard of an individual. A trimmer has less chance of cuts, irritations and unlike a razor, it does not give a razor burn to the user.

A Multi-Utility Tool

The quality that gives the electric shavers an edge over the shavers is the fact that it’s a multi-utility tool which has been possible due to the innovations in the shavers over the years. Earlier a set of shaver head clips that were of different sizes were provided with the razor to adjust the trimming size, but nowadays the electric shavers come with an adjustable trimming head that can adjust to different trimming sizes thus reducing the baggage of carrying the trimmer clips everywhere.

Another innovative feature is the flexible electric shaver heads, this allows the shaver to glide comfortably around an individual’s curves without any fear of cuts and scrapes. Due to these flexible electric shavers, they can easily be used to shave back hair, beard at the jawline this is something that a razor cannot do as effectively and safely as an electric shaver.

 A Perfect Travel Companion

In the present days, we are always in a hurry and getting late. And the lack of time increases even more during travelling in these situations you neither want to be late nor want to look unpresentable. Here an electric shaver that is wireless and compact comes into play that will save your time and will groom you to perfection. 

It’s the rule of life that one has to change and adapt to newer things in life. The same applies to electric shavers, it’s the need of the hour to change your razors with electric shavers. These are safer, efficient and quicker tools than razors for grooming. The innovative features and accessories that come along then make it a special product.

Bodybuilding Exercise Fitness Guide Health and Fitness Weight Loss

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat info – Get entire information 

There are some people who look into the mirror and discover that they now have a big jiggle belly. The realization can be quite devastating for most people. Recognizing that you now have a fat midsection is the first step you will take to getting rid of belly fat. t are you some will people also who want look to into consider the changing mirror your and diet discover and that introducing they an now exercise have program a that big include jiggle cardio belly. and The core realization exercises can t

It is essential to learn that the best supplement to help you gain massive muscle mass in the human body. The performance of the exercises is also essential to get the desired results on the body. You should get all the details about the best supplement. It will offer the best experience to the consumers.

The first thing you will need to do is to come up with a solid plan on how you will get rid of this problem. You will need to exercise and change your diet. You start with eating less food and have that food be healthier than what you previously ate. Mainly it is important for you to eat less calories and less fat in your food. If you add in a few sit-ups you will be able to make your abs firmer and eventually allow you to have a six-pack.

This sounds fairly easy, and sometimes it works relatively well for a few of the people for some it doesn’t work at all, to help you get rid of belly fat quickly. However, on a regular basis many people are failing to reach their goals by simply getting rid of calories and doing a few sit-ups. ercise have program a that big include jiggle cardio belly. and The core realization exercises can to be help quite you devastating to for ge most pe

So why is this true?

It doesn’t actually work that way, it is rarely that easy to lose the weight. You will have to work on your whole body in order to lose the stomach fat. You will not be able to lose weight in just one area of your body. Once you have obtained that layer of fat you will not be able to simply do a few sit-ups and walk away with rock hard abs. You will have to loose weight all over your body in order to lose the extra weight you picked up in your abdominal area.

In order to actually lose weight there are three actions you must take to get rid of your body fat.

The first is action you must take is to diet. This does not mean that you will need to do one of these fad diet this means that you will find food that is healthy and filled with what you body need to produce the energy to burn your belly fat. Your diet must include protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and a lot of dietary fiber in order for it to work to its optimum levels and to store fat more efficiently, keeping you from getting belly fat. here weight are you some will people also who want look to into consider the changing mirror your and diet discover and that introducing they an now ex

The next action you will need to take is to learn how to implement core strengthening exercises, with this you will work on every one of your core muscles not just the abs. If you want your stomach area to be tight and toned you will need to exercise all of your major core muscles and your other muscles such as those located in your back and your legs. These muscles are the biggest and most important muscles in your body and therefore working them out will burn off more of your calories than if you simply burn your abdomen muscles. nto consider the changing mirror your and diet discover and that introducing they an now exercise have program a that big include jiggle cardio belly. and The core realization exercises can to be help quite you devastating to for ge most pe

You will also need to take part in cardio/aerobic training in order to burn more calories and get rid of the fat you have. Aerobic training is recommended in combination with the other processes in order to create that body you have been looking for. Taking a walk, riding your bike and playing basketball, are a great way to get up your heart rate and burn the fat. By doing this you will tone up your belly and get that six-pack abs.

If you really are serious about losing the weight you will also want to consider changing your diet, and introducing an exercise program that include cardio and core exercises to help you to get rid of body fat and to give you the abs you always wanted.

Bodybuilding Protein

Can You Really Gain Muscle Weight Without Getting Fat

There are 2 main fitness goals, one is to gain muscle mass and the other is to lose body fat. Unfortunately, for the most part, both of goals are at opposite ends of the spectrum.Remember that building muscle mass will require you to take in a surplus of calories, because as you know, it’s impossible for you to build muscle out of nothing, period.
You can look at this Anvarol website for the purchase of the best supplements for the burning of the calories. The meeting of the needs and requirements for the individuals is possible through it. A slim and healthy body is available to the people without any problem.

On the other hand, to lose fat mass will require you to be in a negative calorie balance. This because that is what is going to get your body burning off additional body fat as fuel for its tissues.

Trying to accomplish both goals at the same time is rarely a good approach. Just because simply you will end up spinning your wheels and you will get nowhere.

It’s a fact that most weight lifters will have to accept some fat gain when looking to gain weight, however the question is: How much fat gain do they need to add?

So let’s come again to our original question: Can you really gain weight without getting fat?

When we talk about adding muscle mass, there are 2 approaches we can take.

1-Some people take the approach of eating as much food as they can, thinking that the more food that goes in, the more muscle synthesis will go on, and finally they end becoming one 24 hour buffet in their quest for muscle mass. This way of thinking is heavily flawed because the body can only assimilate certain amount of tissue at once and after that, any remaining calories will simply be stored as body fat. As simple as that. And unfortunately, you my friend, are not the exception to this rule. So, for the guys out there who are taking in 5000 or more calories per day, it’s obvious that they will result in a considerable amount of unwanted fat weight.

2- The 2nd option is to adopt a more moderate position and only eat the necessary amount of additional calories to support this muscle growth and that’s it. This will allow you to get as much tissue gained as possible without accumulating a monstrous rise in body fat.

So this takes us to the next question you might be wondering. How much muscle can you build, and how many calories should you be eating?You have probably heard from the person who claims he added 20 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. While this is very rare to happen among a brand new weight lifter ( Would be the super guy with extraordinary genetics or who utilized an excellent training and nutritional program), the reality is that most guys won’t be able to even get close to adding this much muscle tissue in this period of time.

The reality is that a natural trained individual will be able to achieve about half a pound to 1 pound a week, if he does everything correctly. If he does not have the greatest genetics or he doesn’t feed optimally, then this will decrease even further.So as you can see then, at a measly 2 or 4 pounds of muscle growths per month, you won’t need to eat insanely high calorie intakes.

Remember: The higher your intake is, the more you will risk putting on additional body fat. So as a general rule, just keep about 250 to 500 calories above maintenance to put on mostly muscle without too much body fat. Also keep track of your current body fat levels and appearance. If you see that too much weight gain is becoming fat mass, then reduce your calorie intake somewhat.

Also remember that different people have different metabolisms and will respond in different ways to an increase in calories. So the best method is to keep tracking the results you will be getting. The more patient you are with your muscle gains and the slower you go, the more time you can spend adding muscle mass and the less time you will spend dieting for additional fat you have gained.

So next time you decide to do a bulking phase, take a slower approach. To see all muscle definition go out in a matter of weeks is something that kills the confidence.